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Edit... yes it is blogorama problems. Hurray said the Ms Sparkle*

Update: I have just been informed that Blogger has "bugs" in the system. Maybe MRSA? Methicilillin - Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. or Necrotising fasciitis? Have they been washing their hands properly...that's what I would like to know. Oh well...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sparkle*s Museum of Patriarchal Sexual Oddities~Now Supplies Free Sick Bags

My friend Mary K* who often posts under the mysterious guise of anon, yoo hoo-its me- and other various espionage type
secret coded comments wrote me regarding issuing sick/vomit/barff/spew bags at entry point to the museum. Hey, man! What a truly fantastic idea! Preventing nasty puddles of the inevitable projectile vomit at sight of patriarchal oddities. She also had some fantastic ideas for all you activists out there, well the ones who are past the “eee na I’d feel lika reet divvy**” so read on…

“The sick bags are actually a necessity now and something I carry around at
the present time, what with all the playboy crap for little girls on sale, and
the prolific visibility of lad's mags etc - now there is an activism idea if I
ever thought of one - I will make an obvious gesture of defiance one day in
front of the lad's mags sections, using some sort of bag, and make really loud
retching noises for all to see/hear, whilst heaving into my handy bag! I am
getting braver and braver these days“

So go on…the sick bag…the latest trend in activism!

Please excuse the crappy prototype for the barff bag, but as Sparkle* has spent her entire life (aye since a was 3 years old) as a healthcare professional, these paint shop thingies leave her needing technophobratron therapy. What would you rather have? a designer barff bag, or errr feeling safe with a mad Geordie woman health care professional... Exactly!

*Geordie slang for-Oh no I would feel silly.

** Mary K is a friend

Full Moon Goddess Sophia~Goddess Of Female Wisdom

Sophia Goddess Of Female Wisdom - The Black Madonna, whose symbol is the dove
Sophia represents that the female is coming into a period of enlightment, and that it would be advisable to create time for deep, silent, contemplation. Sophia’s themes are about honouring the need to study and the quest for knowledge that liberates women’s souls, learning to respect our instinctive knowing and to value it. Sophia helps us in knowing when to speak and when to be silent. In our lives, we need to find women’s wisdom - knowledge that enlightens and enables rather that just informs.

This card was drawn at random last night to celebrate the full moon today.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Alter Of The Sparkle*Matrix

I am in a posting of the nice pictures mood today, so I thought I would share with you, a picture of my alter.

Daa~~ daarr~~ Sparkle*s alter on the eve of the full moon. August 9th festival of Leo @10:55 GMT. Fully prepared for Sophia, the Goddess of female wisdom.

You Have Been Tagged!

Nothing to do with criminal activity by the way!

Tagged by V at ReSISTERance

1. One book that changed your life? Robert A Johnson: Femininity lost and regained. Not a feminist book, but wrote by a Jungian Psychologist who is basically saying that if this planet does not get an equal balance of male and female energy established soon…then the world is fucked.

2. One book you have read more than once? Andrea Dworkin: Intercourse

3. One book you would want on a desert island? Colouring-in book with a pen (is that cheating?)

4. One book that made you laugh? Cannot remember the exact title but it I think it was: Travelling around Ireland with a fridge

5. One book that made you cry?
Andrea Dworkin: Life and Death

6. One book you wish had been written? The Real Truth Why (ok some) Men Hate Us

7. One book you wish had never been written? Malleus Maleficarum. The most evil piece of deranged misogyny ever put into print. I have compared it to an early modern equivalent of hate-speech represented today by pornography

8. One book you are currently reading? Starhawk: Spiral Dance (again)

9. One book you have been meaning to read? Are Women Human

10. Now tag five people.

I Tag...

1) Diary of Barbies Worst Enemy
2) I’m not a feminist but…
3) Charliegrrl
4) Lonergrrl
5) Biting Beaver

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sparkle*s Museum of Patriarchal Sexual Oddities

Women were viewed as objects, brought to life in the ab(user‘s) mind when the male decided, to satisfy his sexual pleasure. The perfect plastic doll was interchangeable with the breathing and has a pulse variety. Neither variety experienced pain, unless that was what the male chose to fantasise, but it was not real pain for females were not strictly human.
There was even a book wrote about this entitled “Are women human” by Dr. Catharine Alice MacKinnon

The deteriorated but still legible literature supplied with the “Houston”* doll pictured above reads.

"Vibrating and sucking jelly mouth, this little chick has a soft pink vagina and anus made of a soft stretchy material called "senso"
Houston has lifelike moulded breasts and stands less than 5 feet tall** She has an embedded vibrating bullet for extra sensations in the vagina and anus, controlled by a manual squeeze bulb. The vagina has a delicious citrus aroma*** and both the mouth and vagina can accommodate a penis up to 1.25 inches wide" Patriarchologists believe this is an accurate indicator that the patriarchy did indeed have a small penis, also hypothesised by Soopermouse.

The Patriarchologists view

'The behaviour of these men is very unhealthy,' says clinical patriarchologist Amazon Warrior. 'They were motivated by the desire to avoid rejection. They also share a need for control, which is demonstrated by the pleasure they took in designing their ideal woman, then making all the moves and decisions in their “partner's” life. This control fixation is usually a reaction to a bad experience, where sex has been a source of humiliation. Indeed the small penis hypothesis is of great significance here. These dolls allowed their owners to indulge in fantasies that would be criminal acts in the real world, such as under-age sex. The doll could have either been an outlet for this desire or, worryingly, could have made the man more likely to act it out in real life.'

*Porn star Houston is said to resemble Bo Derek. Her adult films include Cum Junkies, Crotch Crunch, and Squat On My Twat.

**Suggestive of either a small woman or a child

***So not only was the natural scent of the vulva not acceptable but it was also necessary for it to have a “masculine” appealing aroma suggestive of a masculine vagina.

(Note these sex doll details are genuine with err a little bit of tweaking)

Router Suddenly Reinvents Her Self

Strange goings on at the house of the Sparkle*Matrix, as Ruby Router suddenly springs to life with internet activity. After protracted telephone conversation with a charming man in India, where detailed diagnostic testing proved beyond doubt that Ruby Router had expired.
Without any personal or group therapy she has chose to be re-born, to reinvent herself, the metaphor for Sparkle*Matrix has not gone un- noticed.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Communications Breakdown

I will be out of action for a week or two as my Router has gone phitttt. B.T. promise a replacement in 5-10 days, Hmmm

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Houses Of Patriarchy ~Under New Management

Welcome, friends, to the Sparkle Museum of patriarchal sexual oddities, an unforgettable collection of all that humankind swore to forget, but which I have trapped in agonizing clarity to remember always. Step carefully and rejoice that the rule of the patriarchy has ended and I present to you the lowest that mankind have travelled.
Pictured above; are my premises that I gathered for a “snip” of a price at £3:50. I believe it was previously a dancing in the laps of men club.

Formally known as the Houses of Patriarchy

Sparkle*s Museum of Patriarchal Sexual Oddities

Now that we have experienced the end of the Patriarchal Period, I have decided to set up a museum dedicated to some of the patriarchy’s sexual behaviour. To celebrate their demise in what the patriarchologists describe as an intriguing mystery. This museum is a reminder of pre equality, and will span many oddities pertaining to men and their desire to view women, children and animals as objects. I would prefer for this memorial and teaching aid to evolve as organically as possible. It will therefore be in a series of posts as I continue to have discussions with survivors and peruse my own personal research.

Firstly, I have been able to purchase a perfect venue at a large building in my home town of Geordie Land, which I believe was formerly a Lap dancing club? Where I have been led to believe that women danced in the laps of men? I am sure, this must have been a painful experience for the lap dance receiver’s as women trampled and pranced on the men's genital regions. Anyway, I digress - the building is no longer needed, for with the demise of the Patriarchy also came about the collapse of capitalism. I have therefore 'picked it up' for a snip of £3:50. (For my U.S. and Australian cousins I think this is roughly $2:00) Whatever? it dosen't really matter these days.

Admission Fees


Friday, August 04, 2006

Blayboy Logo Has No Pornographic Connections (within their "target market" )~WH Smut's Spokeswoman, From Planet Zog

This is the response I have received from the WH Smith’s (a.k.a. WH Smut) representative, Linda Robbins, concerning my complaint that WH Smut butt are promoting the merchandise of a Pornographer to young girls. Those of the bearing of the - sickly - pinky - nauseating little bunny logo.

Dear Anna,
Thank you for your email, expressing your views about our ‘Playboy’ range of stationery.

We introduced this range reacting to the current trends that appeal to our customers, especially as ‘Playboy’ has grown in popularity amongst our teenage market.

*Research has also indicated that this logo is now an established fashion brand which the target market do not relate back to any pornographic connections it once had.

I’m sorry that you are offended by this range, as this is certainly not our intention. However, due to its popularity, we do not currently have any plans to withdraw it from sale. Your feedback is valuable to us as we do try to strike the right balance in meeting the needs of all our customers, which inevitably means a compromise when customers have strongly differing views. I’d like to assure you that we will continue to monitor the feedback we receive and we will take your specific comments into consideration when we next review this matter.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Yours sincerely
Linda Robbins
Customer Service Coordinator
REF 1-4821880

WH Smut have also sent me a copy of their latest catalogue, see top of page.

*Please note I have replied requesting the *research findings*

~WHSmut was conceived by my friend Mary K: A frequent source of inspiration~

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Consumption and identity

W.H.Smith continue to defend their promotion of Playboy stationary aimed mainly at pre-pubescent girls.

However, for W.H.Smith it is a style choice. "We believe it is a fashion range," says Evans. "There's no inappropriate imagery. It is just the bunny. It's a bit of fun, popular and fashionable."

I agree W.H.Smith, there is no ‘inappropriate imagery, but neither is there anything ’inappropriate’ in the Nazi Swastika, which is also just an image. It is the message behind the image that carries the power, when it becomes a symbol of something else.

Imagine trying to use a Swastika to promote a product.

Imagine defending your choice of advertising imagery by declaring that the swastika is merely a Mandala symbolising ones' ultimate goal on the spiritual path. There is no “inappropriate imagery” It is just a Mandala, pretty and spiritual, and was celebrated for years as a meditative tool before the Nazi party used it as THEIR symbol.

Out With Her Tongue!

Anyone, who has visited this blog for any length of time, will have realised that I have a fascination concerning the witch-hunts conducted in mostly the 14th -17th centaury. I see many parallels and symbolism for the present day, harking back to the witch craze phenomena of this early modern period of history. While this is not a post of sorts, which would be the Witch Hunts part VIII, I instantly noticed a parallel drawing together the experiences of women and abuse, and the silencing of women down through the ages. History has a habit of repeating its self.

Some Background Of The Accused Female Awaiting Trial
Sexual mutilation and torture for accused witches, who were held in custody was not uncommon and in some areas, actively encouraged to extract “confessions“. With the orthodox understanding that divinity had little or nothing to do with the physical world, sexual desire was perceived to be ungodly. When the men persecuting the accused witches found themselves sexually aroused, they assumed that such desire emanated, not from themselves, but from the women. They attacked breasts and genitals with pincers, pliers, specially designed instruments and red-hot irons. Some rules condoned sexual abuse by allowing men deemed "zealous Catholics" to visit female prisoners in solitary confinement while never allowing female visitors.

Unless the witch died during torture, she was taken to the stake. Contrary to belief most UK witches* were strangled first and then burnt at the stake. The burning whilst alive was abandoned, as it began to illicit sympathy from the crowd. Firstly for the actual death by fire and secondly the "witch" would often publicly condemn her rapists and tortures‘, as she slowly burnt to death, which of course, was not desirable to the beholders of great Christian values. It was then decided that it would be desirable to hang the “witches” before the burning. The hangings took place in public squares, and the inquisitors prevented the victims from talking to the crowds--by the cutting out of her tongue** prior to the walk to the gallows. Thus preventing the victim from relating the horror and torture she had experienced.

Three hundred or so years ago, men cut out the tongue of the "Witch” on her way to the Gallows, silencing her, so that she could not speak her truth. Today, hundreds of years on, when women create a collective to be heard, they attempt to silence us by the sabotaging of our groups, our metaphorical tongue, and our voice.

Out with her tongue!

*Women, condemned to death accused of "Witchcraft" in England were hung or garrotted before burning at the stake. However the torture of "Witches" in England was illegal, but practiced extensively in Scotland.
**Inquisitors held that this was performed, to prevent the “Witch” cursing her tortures

The End Of The Patriarchal Period

At the end of the Patriarchal Period, all the patriarchy died out. Why this happened, is one of the most frequently asked - and intriguing - questions asked by patriarchologists.

There have been many different ideas put forward to explain why the patriarchy died out. The two most likely are that their habitat slowly changed, and that a feminist uprising triggered their extinction.

Gradualist theory
The gradualist hypothesis points to declines in the numbers and diversity of different groups of misogynists and apologists.
It suggests that the extinction of these groups was due to a political climate change. The climate at the end of the patriarchal period was changing - and a fall in lad’s mags and other pornography reduced the patriarchal animal habitats.

Impact theory
The impact hypothesis gets a lot of press coverage because it is spectacular. There is good archival evidence for the occurrence of a feminist impact at the end of the Patriarchal.
A band of feminist activism rich in the mineral, Female-Powerchlorate was deposited at the end of the Patriarchal period and has been found at many places in the world. This mineral was rare on Earth but more common in feminist literature.
It has been suggested that the impact would have triggered a pornography and prostitution nuclear winter scenario that would have caused the death of the patriarchy.

At the end of the Patriarchal period there were many Radical feminist eruptions, at least in some parts of the world.
It was finally realised that women were human; Pornographers, rapists, pimps and Johns were incarcerated into museums causing huge environmental changes over a wide area.

Will we ever know?
Unfortunately, while these hypotheses are plausible and they can both explain how many of the misogynists became extinct, neither can explain why certain men died out while others survived. Why did the patriarchy, which was so successful, die out, while other animals such as women and pro-female males, which we know are environmentally sensitive, survive?
Although it is usually assumed that the patriarchy all became extinct all at the same time all over the world, the truth of the matter is that we do not really know yet. As these phenomena’s are studied more intensively, we will be able to gather more data and build up a more comprehensive picture of what was going on in the world at the end of the Patriarchal period.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What Is Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander?

It is by no way a new observation that while women are expected to accept acres of naked female flesh as the norm, some men feel positively threatened by the reverse.
Everything about the female body, it would seem is viewed as public property, or should that be men’s property. Breasts, buttocks, genitalia, you name it are available by the glance of an eye at the newsagent, the turn of a page, or now with the www the press of a button. Everything regarding a woman’s life has been sexualised. Even a trip the the Gynaecologist has been turned into a lecherous Doctor event evident in the Porn sites displaying vaginal and breast examinations by the ‘Dirty Doctor’. Sites displaying titles such as “See cute Asian girls getting horrific medical examinations”
As we all know, there is little opportunity for women to witness how men may feel when tables are turned, so to speak.

However, I have a personal example of an occasion when a very ‘liberal’ minded ex of mind positively bristled with anxiety at the view of acres of naked male flesh. We had watched the documentary regarding “Designer Vaginas” on the TV, not a peep was heard from my ex as we watched perfectly normal vaginas been snipped and tided. I of course muttering and cursing that ‘here we go again’ pornification of freaking everything (that’s another story)
The following week we watched “Designer Penises” Oh this is good! Sparkle* thinks, a glimpse into the male psych regarding their tackle and the insecurities that having tackle can bring. Not so for my ex, whom I could see squirming, fidgeting and borderline hyperventilating. Suddenly he burst out “I don’t feel very comfortable with you looking at all of these cocks!”

You What!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Free Speech And Anti-Censorship~Hypocrisy At Its Finest

In response to the hacking and the resultant wrecking of havoc at APAN; here is a follow up to my previous post “Free Speech And Anti-Censorship My Ass”

Free speech and anti-censorship-- censored by the Pornographers and the supporters of pornography. Hypocrisy at its finest, courtesy of the pro porn squad.

Hustling The Left
Hustling the left’s website use the first Amendment right to expose and critique hate speech. They focus on corporate Pimp and pornographer Larry Flynt because so many politicos and pundits from the left have failed to comment on, much less confront Flynts hate speech.

OPEN LETTER TO MEN Who Say They Believe in Freedom and Equality by Nikki Craft. who degrade and mutilate women's bodies in the name of sexuality, profit
and entertainment. Pornographers have empires, which they use to encourage
oppression and violence against a class of persons who do not now have, and
never had, the civil rights vouchsafed to men as a class. The First Amendment
belongs to those who can afford to buy"

F.U.C.K. is an acronym for Feminists Uncovering Censorship Knowledgeably. F.U.C.K. is a multi-gendered, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, cross-class network of feminist activists dedicated to fostering ethical and anti-oppressive, anti-repressive speech acts which expose unethical and oppressive and repressive speech acts.

“There are those who say illogic is the native tongue of anything with
tits…(women) speak not from the heart but from the gash, and chances are that at
least once a month your chick will stop you dead in your tracks with a
masterpiece of cunt rhetoric…the one surefire way to stop those feminine lips
from driving you crazy is to put something between them–like your cock, for
instance.”--Hustler* [Larry Flynt]

“When he speaks,[Larry Flynt] he controls who gets to see and hear his speech-acts. We are showing you his speech, so you know what he is saying. We leave it to you to decide if he is for "freedom", a term which we assume has real meaning in real people's lives.” (F.U.C.K.)

Larry Flynt's corporate-pimp speech is spoken with a patriarchal accent, somehow
through a vagina. Exactly how is it that a woman's open vulva became his
mouthpiece?--Julian Real.

I ask you; who is it that really has Free Speech?

*Note: I have included "Hustling the left" in my side bar. Please note this site is NOT work friendly and may contain triggering content*

Which Mouse Would You Have Mousing In Your Anus?

I have had some weird, pornographic, violent and even funny search results show up on my Site Meter, which could be the subject of a whole post*. This one however has me a tad worried; “mouse in anus” repeat “mouse in anus” where are these people’s minds? To be honest I have heard of people using small furry animals to insert in their rectums for some sort of sexual pleasure, but never expected someone to be directed to my site. I used to work as a nurse and we experienced the odd visitor to casualty with something stuck in a body cavity. Usually a rectally inserted vibrator** that had gone on a vibrating walkabout to the nether regions of the large intestines, but a mouse, I mean what would it do? Would it want to stay up there and do some sort of tunnelling expedition? Alternatively, do you think my searcher meant a computer ‘mouse‘? Now that sounds more like it! Phew!

* What am I yaking about, this is a whole post.
** If you are going to insert a vibrator into your rectum remember the following:
i) Keep a hold of it, OR
ii) buy a purpose based rectal 'stimulator' with a flange that stops the colonic pilgrimage effect.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Free Speech And Anti-Censorship My Ass!

APAN's website has been hacked, and here is their description of the purpose of the site.

“This site was created as an answer to those who claim that “everyone uses porn,” and to those who try to make you feel isolated and weird because you’re uncomfortable with pornography use. One of the goals of pro-porners is to get you to think you’re uncool or asexual because you don’t like porn, like you’re the one with the problem. As a result, far too many people - especially women - go around thinking they’re the “only ones” who dislike porn, and we know that simply isn’t true. Our goal is to make you feel more comfortable about your discomfort with porn. You are definitely not the only one. ”

APAN have lost data for the ‘No Porn Pledge’ and passwords have been changed so that new entries from pro-porn supporters cannot be deleted.
The obligatory unimaginative pictures of the penis and the vagina have infiltrated the site (do they think we are right wing fundies?)

I find it very interesting that these so called ‘pro-free speech’ ‘anti-censorship, whingers, whiners and the throwing of tantrums squad, feel the need to attack an anti-pornstution site?

Do they feel threatened that their wank bank materiel might be taken away? No fucking chance, I do not think that is going to happen, not in my lifetime anyway.

Do they think the abuse of women might be looked at more closely and changes might start happening? Not yet...but it's on its way.

Quite simply this surrounds power issues-- they RESENT women having a voice, to dare challenge the Pimps, Johns, Pornographers and the sad little creeps that have a wank a day over abusing females.

Because remember, a porn wank a day keeps the women just a lay.

Free speech and anti-censorship my ass! More like male fucking control freaks.

APAN I know this is no help what so ever, but, women-- you must be doing SOMETHING right, or these evil little abusers would not have given you the time of day.

*Not an exactly eloquent post, but this has came directly from a place of anger*

Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll Kit

A thoroughly modern Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll kit, complete with dolls, cocktail sticks and a variety of entertaining anti-patriarchy spells and techniques. With the Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll kit, your ‘nicest’ wishes are only a cocktail prick away! An essential for any Feminist seriously opposing the Patriarchy. Attractively boxed & a perfect fun gift!
Why not use it at Feminist get togethers? The impaled Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll is ideal for presenting nibbles and snacks. Just think, you can be, discussing the latest feminist theory while not only conveying ‘nicest wishes’ to the Patriarchy, but munching tasty titbits in the most Feminist of ways!

*The Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll was inspired by a comment left on my site by Sarah Louise Parry of Barbie’s worst nightmare*

“And perhaps in the gift shop they'll flog voodoo dolls of sexist pigs that you can stick pins in, out of respect for the women who went before them who had to put up with that shit and when they complained were just told to 'lighten up'.”

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Oh no! A blogger friend has just asked me for a link for the video I mentioned in the "Sex Machine" post. Therefore, I toddle off to find the offending article and set to send it to blogger matey. All going smoothly until I noticed that I had not ticked for individual email address only, and instead it went to EIGHT addresses in my account. Luckily enough this is an account I keep in a mans' name, for times such as this of course, and when I checked I think 7 of them are now de-funct addresses. Except that is for the remaining one. Well one’s not too bad I hear you think NOOOOOO it is BAD the remaining one was for the Buddhist Centre where I did their Buddhist meditation and philosophy course about three years ago. Shit you may think-- but no, I did not only do this once, but TWICE yes FUCKING TWICE. I hope they think it is just spam…please.

*This video is graphic and horrible*

I have had a vision

I guess that in a few years time this is what the patriarchy will look like… a dinosaurian pile of bones in your local museum.
Oh, look miss the school kids will say “the patriarchy” in excited squeaks. The Schoolmarms tone however will be more hushed. Oh, yes the 'patriarchy' she will whisper, you do not even begin to know what it was like living under such an oppressive regime. Sigh! You know so little my children.

I have realised that trawling around the bowels of misogynist/paedophiliac and other sphincter releasing material has left me with a bit of a twitch...oh well nothing 40mg of Propranolol* wont cure

* Propranolol is a beta- adrenergic blocking agent, which blocks the action of the sympathetic nervous system. It reduces the heart rate and is useful in treating abnormally rapid heart rhythms. Very useful when dealing with the likes of the Daily Squirt/Pervy Pumpers et al.