Saturday, July 29, 2006


Oh no! A blogger friend has just asked me for a link for the video I mentioned in the "Sex Machine" post. Therefore, I toddle off to find the offending article and set to send it to blogger matey. All going smoothly until I noticed that I had not ticked for individual email address only, and instead it went to EIGHT addresses in my account. Luckily enough this is an account I keep in a mans' name, for times such as this of course, and when I checked I think 7 of them are now de-funct addresses. Except that is for the remaining one. Well one’s not too bad I hear you think NOOOOOO it is BAD the remaining one was for the Buddhist Centre where I did their Buddhist meditation and philosophy course about three years ago. Shit you may think-- but no, I did not only do this once, but TWICE yes FUCKING TWICE. I hope they think it is just spam…please.

*This video is graphic and horrible*


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