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Sparkle*s Museum of Patriarchal Sexual Oddities

Women were viewed as objects, brought to life in the ab(user‘s) mind when the male decided, to satisfy his sexual pleasure. The perfect plastic doll was interchangeable with the breathing and has a pulse variety. Neither variety experienced pain, unless that was what the male chose to fantasise, but it was not real pain for females were not strictly human.
There was even a book wrote about this entitled “Are women human” by Dr. Catharine Alice MacKinnon

The deteriorated but still legible literature supplied with the “Houston”* doll pictured above reads.

"Vibrating and sucking jelly mouth, this little chick has a soft pink vagina and anus made of a soft stretchy material called "senso"
Houston has lifelike moulded breasts and stands less than 5 feet tall** She has an embedded vibrating bullet for extra sensations in the vagina and anus, controlled by a manual squeeze bulb. The vagina has a delicious citrus aroma*** and both the mouth and vagina can accommodate a penis up to 1.25 inches wide" Patriarchologists believe this is an accurate indicator that the patriarchy did indeed have a small penis, also hypothesised by Soopermouse.

The Patriarchologists view

'The behaviour of these men is very unhealthy,' says clinical patriarchologist Amazon Warrior. 'They were motivated by the desire to avoid rejection. They also share a need for control, which is demonstrated by the pleasure they took in designing their ideal woman, then making all the moves and decisions in their “partner's” life. This control fixation is usually a reaction to a bad experience, where sex has been a source of humiliation. Indeed the small penis hypothesis is of great significance here. These dolls allowed their owners to indulge in fantasies that would be criminal acts in the real world, such as under-age sex. The doll could have either been an outlet for this desire or, worryingly, could have made the man more likely to act it out in real life.'

*Porn star Houston is said to resemble Bo Derek. Her adult films include Cum Junkies, Crotch Crunch, and Squat On My Twat.

**Suggestive of either a small woman or a child

***So not only was the natural scent of the vulva not acceptable but it was also necessary for it to have a “masculine” appealing aroma suggestive of a masculine vagina.

(Note these sex doll details are genuine with err a little bit of tweaking)


Anonymous fairy said...

Heh Heh indeed has a small penis. Excellent post Sparkle* most certanly musings of a mad Geordie woman x

8:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the "Sparkle* Museum of patriarchal sexual oddities" becomes a reality one day soon :)

9:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sparkle - there are now silicone "real" dolls that you can buy for about $5000 - I have read that men develop relationships with these dolls they are so "real" in how they feel and look - and they don't talk back or complain - (drawback - they don't cook your dinner or wash your clothes) - also to be included in your Musnausem (a museum, most always a patriarchalogy one, which diplays historic artifacts that may cause nausea- sick bags provided on entry to premises as part of ticket price), could be the now infamous flesh-light - this product moved on in leaps and bounds in the early 2000's - they started making pink and brown anal ones, different sizes and branched out into penile exercise apparatus (the demand for the exercise apparatus became apparent, as the type of man who bought such products did, as mentioned in your comment, usually have smaller than average winkledinkles and felt inferior - and the beauteous aspect about the anonymity of the internet allowed the owners of the titchy winkles to order without anyone knowing their horrible secret - this type of neanderthal was more common than other men realised at the time) Oh, those were the days eh? Such nostalgia. Army

10:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"***So not only was the natural scent of the vulva not acceptable but it was also necessary for it to have a “masculine” appealing aroma suggestive of a masculine vagina."

Could it be that there were many men who were not entirely sure of their true sexuality? A masculine aroma - the word "pheremones" springs to mind - female aroma/pheremones should attract heterosexual males - male pheremones attract other females or...... homosexual males!
Hmmm - trolls out there - any ideas?

11:01 am  
Blogger v said...

hey sparkle - i tagged you over on my blog for this booky thing..

12:45 pm  
Blogger v said...

i tagged you over on my blog for this booky thing..

12:45 pm  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Anon Army, have you been reading my mind? or have I been transmitting? I've already earmarked two of the products you mention! Though I must admit the issuing of sick bags is excellent!!

V, Oh dear, better get my thinking cap on! Don't know where to start. So many books have passed before these eyes :-)

2:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes ms sparkle we are on the same transmitting wavelength I believe.

The sick bags are actually a necessity now and something I carry around at the present time, what with all the playboy crap for little girls on sale, and the prolific visibility of lad's mags etc - now there is an activism idea if I ever thought of one - I will make an obvious gesture of defiance one day in front of the lad's mags sections, using some sort of bag, and make really loud retching noises for all to see/hear, whilst heaving into my handy bag! I am getting braver and braver these days.

BTW - I ordered the "subtext" fem mag - it's very good - you should consider contributing something!

10:01 am  

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