Monday, July 31, 2006

Which Mouse Would You Have Mousing In Your Anus?

I have had some weird, pornographic, violent and even funny search results show up on my Site Meter, which could be the subject of a whole post*. This one however has me a tad worried; “mouse in anus” repeat “mouse in anus” where are these people’s minds? To be honest I have heard of people using small furry animals to insert in their rectums for some sort of sexual pleasure, but never expected someone to be directed to my site. I used to work as a nurse and we experienced the odd visitor to casualty with something stuck in a body cavity. Usually a rectally inserted vibrator** that had gone on a vibrating walkabout to the nether regions of the large intestines, but a mouse, I mean what would it do? Would it want to stay up there and do some sort of tunnelling expedition? Alternatively, do you think my searcher meant a computer ‘mouse‘? Now that sounds more like it! Phew!

* What am I yaking about, this is a whole post.
** If you are going to insert a vibrator into your rectum remember the following:
i) Keep a hold of it, OR
ii) buy a purpose based rectal 'stimulator' with a flange that stops the colonic pilgrimage effect.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooohhh yes, they're out there alright - yes indeedy - I once had a guy who asked me to use my mobile as a dildo while I was talking to him on the phone - he wanted to hear me using my phone as a dildo - what a turn on eh?

Yep, mouses (or mice?) up anuses is so passe' darling. Oh, and as to the question of which mouse? Any old mouse will do! Both! Get wit da program missy. heheh

9:40 am  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Mmmm phone sexxx... could you have still talked through your vagina when it was dildo-ing?? The voice box in the cervix phenonoma is an area of grossly neglected research. Funny enough, the pornographers seem to be able to talk through the vagina

11:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I know some tricks, but that one I have yet to master (bate) haha.

I suppose if I had groaned loudly enuf, he would have heard that as an internal noise.

(Must chase-up line of enquiry as to getting voice-box implant in vagina - if a man has thought of something horrifically perversely sexual, I'm sure another man *surgeon* could no doubt think of a way to address it - money money money and kinky kinky kinky - keep the conveyor belt of perversions going - keep upping the ante - the world would stop turning if men stopped being perverse wouldn't it? Wouldn't it? )

Anything to keep my man! puke

12:50 pm  

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