Monday, July 31, 2006

Free Speech And Anti-Censorship~Hypocrisy At Its Finest

In response to the hacking and the resultant wrecking of havoc at APAN; here is a follow up to my previous post “Free Speech And Anti-Censorship My Ass”

Free speech and anti-censorship-- censored by the Pornographers and the supporters of pornography. Hypocrisy at its finest, courtesy of the pro porn squad.

Hustling The Left
Hustling the left’s website use the first Amendment right to expose and critique hate speech. They focus on corporate Pimp and pornographer Larry Flynt because so many politicos and pundits from the left have failed to comment on, much less confront Flynts hate speech.

OPEN LETTER TO MEN Who Say They Believe in Freedom and Equality by Nikki Craft. who degrade and mutilate women's bodies in the name of sexuality, profit
and entertainment. Pornographers have empires, which they use to encourage
oppression and violence against a class of persons who do not now have, and
never had, the civil rights vouchsafed to men as a class. The First Amendment
belongs to those who can afford to buy"

F.U.C.K. is an acronym for Feminists Uncovering Censorship Knowledgeably. F.U.C.K. is a multi-gendered, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, cross-class network of feminist activists dedicated to fostering ethical and anti-oppressive, anti-repressive speech acts which expose unethical and oppressive and repressive speech acts.

“There are those who say illogic is the native tongue of anything with
tits…(women) speak not from the heart but from the gash, and chances are that at
least once a month your chick will stop you dead in your tracks with a
masterpiece of cunt rhetoric…the one surefire way to stop those feminine lips
from driving you crazy is to put something between them–like your cock, for
instance.”--Hustler* [Larry Flynt]

“When he speaks,[Larry Flynt] he controls who gets to see and hear his speech-acts. We are showing you his speech, so you know what he is saying. We leave it to you to decide if he is for "freedom", a term which we assume has real meaning in real people's lives.” (F.U.C.K.)

Larry Flynt's corporate-pimp speech is spoken with a patriarchal accent, somehow
through a vagina. Exactly how is it that a woman's open vulva became his
mouthpiece?--Julian Real.

I ask you; who is it that really has Free Speech?

*Note: I have included "Hustling the left" in my side bar. Please note this site is NOT work friendly and may contain triggering content*

Which Mouse Would You Have Mousing In Your Anus?

I have had some weird, pornographic, violent and even funny search results show up on my Site Meter, which could be the subject of a whole post*. This one however has me a tad worried; “mouse in anus” repeat “mouse in anus” where are these people’s minds? To be honest I have heard of people using small furry animals to insert in their rectums for some sort of sexual pleasure, but never expected someone to be directed to my site. I used to work as a nurse and we experienced the odd visitor to casualty with something stuck in a body cavity. Usually a rectally inserted vibrator** that had gone on a vibrating walkabout to the nether regions of the large intestines, but a mouse, I mean what would it do? Would it want to stay up there and do some sort of tunnelling expedition? Alternatively, do you think my searcher meant a computer ‘mouse‘? Now that sounds more like it! Phew!

* What am I yaking about, this is a whole post.
** If you are going to insert a vibrator into your rectum remember the following:
i) Keep a hold of it, OR
ii) buy a purpose based rectal 'stimulator' with a flange that stops the colonic pilgrimage effect.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Free Speech And Anti-Censorship My Ass!

APAN's website has been hacked, and here is their description of the purpose of the site.

“This site was created as an answer to those who claim that “everyone uses porn,” and to those who try to make you feel isolated and weird because you’re uncomfortable with pornography use. One of the goals of pro-porners is to get you to think you’re uncool or asexual because you don’t like porn, like you’re the one with the problem. As a result, far too many people - especially women - go around thinking they’re the “only ones” who dislike porn, and we know that simply isn’t true. Our goal is to make you feel more comfortable about your discomfort with porn. You are definitely not the only one. ”

APAN have lost data for the ‘No Porn Pledge’ and passwords have been changed so that new entries from pro-porn supporters cannot be deleted.
The obligatory unimaginative pictures of the penis and the vagina have infiltrated the site (do they think we are right wing fundies?)

I find it very interesting that these so called ‘pro-free speech’ ‘anti-censorship, whingers, whiners and the throwing of tantrums squad, feel the need to attack an anti-pornstution site?

Do they feel threatened that their wank bank materiel might be taken away? No fucking chance, I do not think that is going to happen, not in my lifetime anyway.

Do they think the abuse of women might be looked at more closely and changes might start happening? Not yet...but it's on its way.

Quite simply this surrounds power issues-- they RESENT women having a voice, to dare challenge the Pimps, Johns, Pornographers and the sad little creeps that have a wank a day over abusing females.

Because remember, a porn wank a day keeps the women just a lay.

Free speech and anti-censorship my ass! More like male fucking control freaks.

APAN I know this is no help what so ever, but, women-- you must be doing SOMETHING right, or these evil little abusers would not have given you the time of day.

*Not an exactly eloquent post, but this has came directly from a place of anger*

Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll Kit

A thoroughly modern Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll kit, complete with dolls, cocktail sticks and a variety of entertaining anti-patriarchy spells and techniques. With the Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll kit, your ‘nicest’ wishes are only a cocktail prick away! An essential for any Feminist seriously opposing the Patriarchy. Attractively boxed & a perfect fun gift!
Why not use it at Feminist get togethers? The impaled Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll is ideal for presenting nibbles and snacks. Just think, you can be, discussing the latest feminist theory while not only conveying ‘nicest wishes’ to the Patriarchy, but munching tasty titbits in the most Feminist of ways!

*The Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll was inspired by a comment left on my site by Sarah Louise Parry of Barbie’s worst nightmare*

“And perhaps in the gift shop they'll flog voodoo dolls of sexist pigs that you can stick pins in, out of respect for the women who went before them who had to put up with that shit and when they complained were just told to 'lighten up'.”

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Oh no! A blogger friend has just asked me for a link for the video I mentioned in the "Sex Machine" post. Therefore, I toddle off to find the offending article and set to send it to blogger matey. All going smoothly until I noticed that I had not ticked for individual email address only, and instead it went to EIGHT addresses in my account. Luckily enough this is an account I keep in a mans' name, for times such as this of course, and when I checked I think 7 of them are now de-funct addresses. Except that is for the remaining one. Well one’s not too bad I hear you think NOOOOOO it is BAD the remaining one was for the Buddhist Centre where I did their Buddhist meditation and philosophy course about three years ago. Shit you may think-- but no, I did not only do this once, but TWICE yes FUCKING TWICE. I hope they think it is just spam…please.

*This video is graphic and horrible*

I have had a vision

I guess that in a few years time this is what the patriarchy will look like… a dinosaurian pile of bones in your local museum.
Oh, look miss the school kids will say “the patriarchy” in excited squeaks. The Schoolmarms tone however will be more hushed. Oh, yes the 'patriarchy' she will whisper, you do not even begin to know what it was like living under such an oppressive regime. Sigh! You know so little my children.

I have realised that trawling around the bowels of misogynist/paedophiliac and other sphincter releasing material has left me with a bit of a twitch...oh well nothing 40mg of Propranolol* wont cure

* Propranolol is a beta- adrenergic blocking agent, which blocks the action of the sympathetic nervous system. It reduces the heart rate and is useful in treating abnormally rapid heart rhythms. Very useful when dealing with the likes of the Daily Squirt/Pervy Pumpers et al.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Cards For Friendships

As I mentioned in the previous post I've made a card for a friend; well I thought I would post a picture of that as well! Seeing that I am reflecting on nice things for a change.
We have been friends since school and our relationship is very special.

*If you enlarge on the picture it shows Lavender the fairy suggesting making a spell. In side of the card, is the spell for my friend to make a wish*

My View On Things

I have decided to post a short and sweet about something nice. This is one of the fields behind my house, and to the left, just out of view are the woods. I recognised today that I need to get grounded as I am feeling a bit frayed, so up to the field I went and sat right in the middle, done my ‘body exercise’ which is a form of meditation, and sat a while. I then came home, cooked some whole foods, burnt some oils and made a card for my friends birthday. Taking time out works for me.

Call Me Cynical~Pervy Pumpers

This is an article at the Melon Farmers, who remember-- protect paedophiles, filed in the UK Censorship section.

It gives four sites where there has been problems concerning children creating their own homepage, giving personal details and sometimes intimate photographs of themselves. Call me cynical but why has Melon Farmers given the names of these sites? These findings were first highlighted in a Guardian article.
Ok they have not given full addresses, but I can imagine they would not be that hard to find. One site is even described as ****.com.

“The government-backed watchdog the Child Exploitation and Online Protection
Centre will say today it has begun an inquiry young people's networking sites
after concern from teachers and parents.They have become alarmed at how children
are using the sites such as *******,.********,*********,and now **** to display
personal details and, in some cases, intimate photographs of themselves. It is
estimated that 61% of UK children aged 13 to 17 have a personal profile on a
networking site, which enable a user to create their own homepage, exhibit
photographs and socialise online. Of the 8 million children in the UK with
access to the internet, one in 12 says they have gone on to meet someone whom
they initially encountered online.

The latest site to come under scrutiny -
****.com - organises networks around school or college communities, and has
attracted 25 million members since its launch 18 months ago. A few children have
begun showing pictures of themselves in sexual poses, semi-naked or wearing
lingerie. One headteacher has called in police after discovering more than 700
of her students had signed up with ****, and that some were displaying images
she considered to be indecent.

Linda Wybar, headteacher of Tunbridge Wells
girls' grammar, also banned the site from her school and wrote to every parent
about her concerns.In a statement, **** said: **** has taken the issues of
privacy and safety very seriously since its inception and was one of the first
social networking sites to partner with organisations like to
create safety tips on issues such as cyberbullying and online safety. We
prominently post links to these safety tips for parents and *****’s on our
homepage and all profiles have a 'report abuse' link where members can report
other members for inappropriate content or behaviour.

Ahead of today's
announcement by the Ceop, which was set up by the government two months ago, the
head of the agency, Jim Gamble, told the Guardian: We've got a specific interest
in social networking sites simply because it is 'the' new phenomenon, it is how
young people are coming together and capitalising on a range of different
technologies. Basically, they're inviting friends to be members of private
groups or inviting others to view public materials.In many ways that's a good
thing for children, a great opportunity. In other ways it represents everything
you see on the school playground - *the only difference is that in this
playground, there are no teachers or police or moderators to keep an eye on what's going on"

*Broadcasted by the Melons*

Like I've said, call me cynical, probably because i am AND why is it filed under "UK Censorship"?

Thursday, July 27, 2006


My mother died ten years ago today, and I would like to dedicate Kali to her. Though not what I would exactly call a feminist, she had some radical opinions on men, marriage and relationships. Married and divorced twice by 1973, both of her instigation--an unusual accomplishment for a woman of her generation, after which at 38 she remained by her choice ‘single‘. She gave me some useful advice over the years, but the one that has stuck the strongest, is that you do not hang around in a relationship that is not working…get the hell out. Cheers mother x

"I AM the Annihilator of all and anything that is not worthy of keeping."

Kali is a Hindu/Tibetan/Nepalese Goddess of destruction and creation.

I do not know if I have mentioned on here before that I enjoy inviting the goddess’s into my life. I have a permanent shrine/alter set up and usually have a dedicated goddess for whom I feel strengths and characteristics I could do with right now. At the moment I have Kali, a very misunderstood and sometimes feared goddess. My ex used to get slightly worried when I had an alter 'on the go' representing all things Kali.
Kali is a Hindu/Tibetan/Nepalese Goddess of destruction and creation. She is the womb and the tomb. Regardless of religion, women can look to her as a symbol of female power and be inspired by all aspects of this complex Goddess.

Kali is the destroyer of demons.

We must work to destroy the "demons" that are the result of the patriarchy. This might sound a bit dramatic, but the effects of a patriarchal culture eat at female’s souls just as surely as mythological demons
For those who worship Kali, each woman is a representative of the Goddess. Pornography and misogyny in the media promote and encourage violence against women and children including rape, bestiality, incest, paedophilia, necrophilia and death to get that even more intense and satisfying male orgasm. What is left for fucks sake, digging skeletons up and fucking them? The pelvic area would be a tad 'spacey' but hey! the eye sockets would be perfect!
M Mmm the male orgasm must be the priciest sensation on this lonely planet.

Kali was depicted with four to twelve arms, dark skinned or black, with bare breasts. In most common images of Kali she holds a sword in one hand and a head in another while her other two hands encourage worshippers. In one carving, she stands on the prone body of her husband/son Shiva. She wears a necklace of usually twelve skulls,
Her more benevolent nature is something overlooked by many Westerners. She is a creator as well as a destroyer. In order to have creation, we must also have destruction. Her rituals are intended to put the worshipper in tune with the female essence at all levels, to empower women by giving them a sense of what they can accomplish, and to give women tools to fight the effects of patriarchy.

You rock Kali!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Give Away Comment For Today

The Melon Farmers commenting on a report of female sex trafficking...

"Good to read a report free of the much exaggerated concept of trafficking"

Therefore, the newly christened Pervy Pumpers obviously feel that reports of trafficking are 'much exaggerated' Well they would-- wouldn‘t they?--protectors extraordinaire of misogyny, paedophilia, rape and necrophilia.

Picture of a Pumkin falling to its splatter

Artwork by Al Natanagara

Discussion On Lad's Mags~Guardian

This pornography must be out of our children's reach Sexually explicit ladmags and newspapers should be consigned to the top shelf, says Claire Curtis-Thomas. Discussion and an article at the Guardian

The Guardian

(edit that link moved sharpish!)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Counterbalance~ Courtesy Of The Internet

What follows are some musings that have been swimming around for a couple of days. Yesterday a friend voiced the same feelings without me having said anything, which leads me to muse into type.

With the introduction of the internet and the resultant green light for misogynists, paedophiles and downright dangerous men, it has been for me, such an eye opener- that I can’t ever be shrunk again and just go back to sleep. In neither addition, nor do I intend to ever do so. Lately I’ve spent quite some time wading through sites such as the Daily Squirt and the newly christened Pervy Pumpers, and believe me it hasn’t been easy. Sometimes there is actually an eary silence in my head as I find some other incredible evidence of female hatred. Maybe the silence is a form of protection, or maybe it is shock and disbelief? Then why do it? Some Trolls may ask. The answer is because I want to and I can! Just like pervs want to and they can! I can handle what I see, because at least that way I know what we are up against.

However, in an ironic way the Internet has provided us with a counterbalance. I know that at least we Radfems can all band together, activate, discuss, cry, debate, support and even sometimes have a good fucking laugh at their expense. I used to so feel isolated in my beliefs, a bit of a strange oddity, going along, as so not to appear 'prudish' I did not even realise until fairly recently [that is] in the grand scheme of things-- there was such a strong voice against pornsitution and paedophilia, which was not ran by fundi right wing -nuts

You want to change the world? It starts right here on the internet

Monday, July 24, 2006

Goddess Send For Women~The Sex Machine~

**Warning this post has some potential trigger material**

This morning I decided to have a wee ramble through the bowels of the Daily Squirt™ when I came across a video of the *Howard Stern Sex Machine. This was shot in an audition sort of way, complete with pervs sat behind desks, and multiple crewmembers that couldn’t wait to get involved in the “audition.” Without going into too much detail, (yes this is not classed as detail) it involves a woman been penetrated by a thrusting machine complete with an 8” dildo on the end of a mechanical machine. Don’t worry a condom was used, because it had “been in another woman” Anyway to cut a long story short this woman was groaning, panting, juddering, begging for more, I THINK SHE “ORGASIMED” She even “broke” the machine. Oh what a little minxxx!

I found this fascinating because I have just started reading research into the female orgasm. Starting with Freud In 1905, he argued that clitoral orgasm was an adolescent phenomenon, and upon reaching puberty, the proper response of mature women changes to vaginal orgasms. While Freud did not provide evidence supporting this basic assumption, the consequences of the theory were greatly elaborated thereafter. Without going into acres of research and speculation, the simple fact is the accepted figure for the number of women who can reach orgasm only by manual stimulation of the clitoris, is **70 per cent. This has not changed Dr Freud!

Except in Pornography, it would seem! I know that this is a myth that many men actually believe, because they have told me. Of course I’m not saying that because ‘some’ men have told me that they think female porn stars are actually enjoying the sex and *cumin*, that ALL men are so stupid. That’s before anybody starts jumping up and down crying whaaaaa.
Any way to get back to the gist of this post.Women... if you have patriarchal problems with orgasm through penis penetrative sex only, try the Sex Machine for fucks sake…You do not know what ya missing!

* Also available as a download for your mobile phone. Just what I want to be sat next to on the train.

**Gynaecology, by R. W. Shaw, W. P. Soutter and S. L. Stanton,(Don’t worry I’ve done a lot more research)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Metaphor For Women In Chains?

(Just out of curiosity)
For anybody just passing...what's your words to this picture?
(edit read Witchy-woos' comment...chilling)

The actual title is...

US jails 'shackle pregnant women'

The US must stop shackling pregnant female prisoners when they are giving birth, Amnesty International has said.
"The routine use of restraints on pregnant women... [is] a cruel and unusual practice that can rarely be justified," the group said in a report.
Only one state currently bans leg irons on female inmates while they are being taken to hospital during labour.
*US government policy urges measures to ensure foetuses are not harmed if a pregnant prisoner is restrained.
Though these are pregnant women, they are still convicted felons, and sometimes violent
Dina Tyler, Arkansas Department of Corrections
The New York Times described the case of one pregnant inmate whose legs were allegedly shackled together during 12 hours of labour, despite requests by a doctor and two nurses that she not be restrained.
"The doctor who was delivering the baby made them remove the shackles for the actual delivery at the very end," lawyer Cathleen Compton told the newspaper.
**Shawanna Nelson had been jailed in Arkansas for identity fraud and writing bad cheques. She gave birth in 2003 at age 30, the newspaper said.
She is suing the prison and Correctional Medical Services, claiming she suffers ongoing back pain and damage to her sciatic nerve because she was largely unable to move during her labour.
The defendants deny having harmed Ms Nelson, the New York Times said, citing court papers.
Arkansas defends its policy.
"Though these are pregnant women, they are still convicted felons, and sometimes violent in nature," Dina Tyler, a spokeswoman for the Arkansas Department of Corrections, told the newspaper.
***"There have been instances when we've had a female inmate try to hurt hospital staff during delivery."

I found this picture across at Women’s Space and to quote Heart

“I think it’s a metaphor for what this nation is doing to women and girls
just in general: we are being silenced, shackled, forced to bear and care for
babies no matter what our choices might be in the matter, forced to bow to, and
submit to, the woman-hating gods of the male imagination”

* What about the woman?

** Obviously a great threat of violence (without knowing the case of course)

*** As an ex nurse, I've been confronted with violence in many instances, but we didn't scream 'straight jacket' or 'shackles'

The Madness Hamsters

This is a picture of my dear departed hamster that left this world almost one year ago. She was the most tame and friendly hamster I have ever met, and also extremely talented. She left me this ditty to remember her by…

The Madness Hamsters
Every night they visit you
Every night they come
And bit by bit
They steal your brain
And feed it to their MUM

~I have published this in memorial for her birthday, which would have been this month~

Friday, July 21, 2006

Planned Parenthood federation~Fake Clinics

I have just received this email from the Planned Parenthood Federation. Just read it when you get a moment, quite honestly it makes my blood run cold. Just when are “people” going to stop meddling in women’s reproductive rights? It’s NONE of their business!

Dear Anna,I've written to you about so-called "crisis pregnancy centres" before: the fake "clinics" set up by anti-choice groups to mislead women in their most vulnerable moments, which have received $30 million in government grants since 2001.But a shocking new report out of Congress exposes exactly what our tax dollars are paying for — word by chilling word. It's hard proof that federally funded programs are dispensing misinformation and outright FALSEHOODS.I recently told you about a teenager in Indiana who thought she was visiting a Planned Parenthood clinic, but was lured by one of these centres. The staff harassed and intimidated her at her home and school, even telling classmates to pressure her not to have an abortion. Thousands of you wrote to your representatives, urging action on an important bill to protect women. But the bill needs more support, and we now have direct quotes (see below) proving that these centres promote propaganda over medical fact.

Sincerely, Cecile Richards President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

These centres use neutral-sounding names and ads, falsely promising full reproductive health services. And now, thanks to an investigation by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), we know exactly what they're telling women, because female investigators called, saying they were pregnant, and recorded their conversations.What kinds of sage advice are the American's tax dollars funding? Here are some direct quotes:
The research shows: Psychological stress after an abortion is NO MORE COMMON than after childbirth.
But they said: Abortions cause "guilt ... sexual problems ... suicidal ideas ... drug use, eating disorders" and "a downward spiral."
The research shows: Abortion does NOT cause an increased risk of breast cancer.
But they said: "All abortion causes an increased risk of breast cancer in later years."
The research shows: Abortions in the first trimester, using the most common abortion procedure, create NO risks for future fertility.
But they said: It's "common" for abortion to lead to "many miscarriages" or "permanent damage," such that "you wouldn't be able to carry."
These examples don't represent just a few bad apples. The vast majority (87 percent) of centres called in this study provided false or misleading information about the health effects of abortion.

Take action on this issue at:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Daily Squirt™ "Newspaper"

I have recently been directed to a Yahoo group for readers of the Daily Squirt™ "Newspaper" The welcoming picture to the site, says it all.
*Daily Squirt™ readers have serious psychological problems*
This first picture thing of a woman, is designed, just to show their psychopathic hatred of women. No face showing of course, just the unimaginative big plastic tits and crotch shot, but it is done in a way that is very creepy, even the obligatory white panties ~whisper~ paedophile~ in an icky - breathy-sort of way.

Example of one of their jokes:
Q. What did one tampon say to the other?
A. Nothing. They were both stuck up bitches!

Example of my joke:
Q. What did the tampon say to the vagina?
A. Bet this beats a sweaty little cock any day!

These guys have some heavy duty, serious issues with mummy (this includes issues with anything representing the female) dearest, and yes i am a qualified therapist.

Want to have a look?

*Warning triggering content* http://groups.*****.com/adultconf?dest=%2Fgroup%2Fdaily_sport%2F
*Note--Subsitute ***** for yahoo*

(The title "Daily Squirt" and the work, jerk, squirt, fuck, lurk, idea came from Mary K, a friend of mine who passed on the link for the *newspaper* Cheers Hin x)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Unravelling Of Two Balls Of String

The Irish Evening Echo 7th July 06 announced that Dublin’s String fellows ceased business less than six months after opening.
Stringfellows lap dancing ~women dancing in mens' laps~ club had been targeted by protesters since it opened in February. The local residents and protest groups were unsuccessful in blocking the club via the courts, but by creating such fervour, delayed the venue’s opening. Representative for the club said that the protests had contributed to the clubs demise, creating reluctance for punters to visit the club.

Just shows what a bit of protest can do.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Through The Eyes Of An Abuser

I make no apologies for the title, for that is what I see, when I read stories of men, up in arms, dedicating web-sites to their indignation of having their images of rape, necrophilia, bestiality and violence against women and children been challenged... Organised Abuse.

Abusers frequently see no harm in what they do because they are devoid of humanity, of empathy.

Part of some abusers thrill is knowing that they are damaging and inflicting unimaginable pain on their victims. This is often extended, to the victims loved ones, a particularly common event in paedophilia.

Abusers exploit, lie, insult, demean, ignore, manipulate, and control

Abusers abuse by dehumanization and objectification:

People have a need to believe in the empathic skills and basic good-heartedness of others. By dehumanizing and objectifying people - the abuser attacks the very foundations of human interaction. This is an aspect of abusers - they may be excellent imitations of fully formed adults but they are emotionally absent and immature.

Melon Farmers
This is a UK based pro-pornography/lad’s mags site expending a whole lot of energy in protecting their wank material. Not content with this, they are also attempting to push to pornifcate as yet unpornified cultures such as Malaysia and India.
Below is a quote referring to the recent legislation in Britain making it illegal to possess pornographic images of rape and necrophilia.

"As the Government are intending to criminalize people for possessing these
unproven `dangerous pictures`, I wonder upon what grounds they feel the need
go quite this far? Such law would necessarily fall foul of even the most
respect for human rights, and one feels that anyone convicted of
`dangerous pictures` would appeal to the ECHR and have their
conviction quashed
and this law nullified by far more reasoning minds than
appear to be running the
UK at present."

They give advice on encryption to make it safer to view porn that is illegal,
via directing viewers to “Heatseek” as below:

“Browsing for adult content just got easier thanks to the launch of Heatseek”
which is a web browser that claims to make searching for and viewing adult
content more efficient.
“Maybe a good idea to start using protection such as
this. No doubt, the encryption is useless to defend your extreme pictures from
the police, but it may keep the PC World repair snitches at bay
“While Heatseek’s stated mission is to “give consumers the ultimate software for security”
They refer to a case where a Man (Paedophile) had thousands of images depicting child pornography his computer, which had been deleted, but still remained on the hard drive. The man (Paedophile) was prosecuted because the jury acknowledged that even though the images had been deleted, he had been, at some point in possession of them. Melon Farmers think this is a gross miscarriage of judgement and he should not have been prosecuted.

This is a website dedicated to fighting legislation against violent porn as they see it as a contravention of their Human Rights. Their home page states:
“See no evil. The government doesn't want you to view certain images. And will
send you to prison if you possess them. Even in the privacy of your own home”
It shows an image of a blindfolded woman with chains on her face.
Backlash quotes:

“... the Home Office is consulting now on proposals to criminalise the
possession of abhorrent material involving the abuse of humans, which it has
been illegal to distribute for many years. The wide range of responses that it
has received indicates that there will be huge difficulties in criminalising the
possession of such images. Quite a number of respondees considered the proposals
to be a major increase in powers and unnecessary when such imagery is legal in
many other parts of the world”

These sites are basically for abusers or wanna be abusers using their right of “free speech” to tell us exactly what they think is their right. Wank Bank material at any cost, cuz me and my cock rule the world baby.

Maybe we need to listen to Gandhi...
First they ignore you
then they ridicule you
then they fight you
then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi

* I have had a comment regarding my use of a suspect copyright image, therefore i have decided to say it myself, with the aid of Limbo the Giraffe*

Women As Dolls~Some Musings

This post reflects some Sparkle* musing triggered by some pro-porn sites i have been directed to, which to tell you the truth, haven't shocked me as i'm beyond that, but served to reinforce the war, the terrorism, that is been waged on women. I'm going to spend a wee while longer looking at these sites, as they are so indicative of an abusive mentality, that- is- an *abusers mentality* that my head feels somewhat frozen. I worked for a few years as a counsellor for survivors of sexual abuse, so nothing is new here. The abusers-- the wanna be abusers are still there, in the wings waiting for an opportunity, or for the law to give them a green light. We can't let it happen. I was tempted to use a picture on this post of a line of dolls, but I thought no! We're not fucking dolls!This is what led to my musing on dolls. Pornography, Lad's mags whatever...emphasizes the theme of the woman in popular culture. In short, the woman is presented as a lifeless object a thing that cannot act in any way whatsoever. As you glance at the pictures you will note that women are portrayed in different ways, but thematically there is a clear foundation. Here, the real woman is trapped on a photograph and is given the accoutrements of a doll. They illustrate how real-life women are portrayed in pornography. Women are merely objects, brought to life when the watcher desires, for his pleasure. They offer the perfect, plastic doll like woman who feels no pain, unless that is what the watcher chooses to fantasise, but that is not real pain, for she is an object who knows no bounds. For she is not strictly human. These images illustrate the mediated relationship between real women and artificial dolls.I know that this is nothing new but i am a very *visual* person--a lot of my thoughts manifest in pictures, not words. Last night as i tryed to sleep, all i could see was dolls...plastic lifeless dolls.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Quest For The *Perfect Woman*?~Part II

A series of studies since 2003 has found a surprisingly high suicide rate among women who have had cosmetic breast implants, sparking a controversy about the procedure.
A Finnish study showed that women who had cosmetic implants were more than three times more likely to commit suicide than the general population -- in line with findings from a similar study of Swedish women and one of American women conducted by the National Cancer Institute.
All three studies also found that women with implants had overall death rates the same or better than the general populations, suggesting that the implanted devices were not causing disease during the time period studied, as once feared.
But the studies all noted the suicide rate as significantly -- and at this point inexplicably -- higher than expected.
The question of why women with implants are so much more likely to commit suicide has become a controversial one
The Finnish study reported on 2,166 women, some of whom had the implants as long as 30 years ago. It was conducted by the private International Epidemiology Institute of Rockville, Md., and funded by Dow Corning Co., a former manufacturer of silicone breast implants. Dow Corning also funded the larger Swedish study, which examined 3,521 women with implants and also found a suicide rate about three times above normal.

"The ironic thing is that nobody was looking for this suicide information," said Joseph McLaughlin, lead investigator on the Finnish study, "There have been lots of studies of women with breast implants, and the only consistent finding that's problematic is the suicide excess."
Some researchers contend the high suicide rate is a result of the psychological makeup of the women choosing implants -- that they are, as a group, women with problems different from the general population.

Numerous studies have found that women who receive all kinds of cosmetic surgery are wealthier and healthier than the norm.
Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Centre for Policy Research for Women & Families and a long-time critic of cosmetic breast implants, said that while it remains unclear why the suicide rates are high, it is significant that they are.
"Tripling the risk of suicide is a shocking finding -- growing evidence that the 'cure' might be worse than the problem it is supposed to solve," she said. "We can't just go along with the manufacturer's assumptions that implants are great for women's mental health."
In an article accompanying the Finnish study, University of Pennsylvania professor David Sarwer argued that plastic surgeons should make greater efforts to understand the psychological and emotional state of women seeking implants. He wrote that if a woman shows signs of instability or a history of psychiatric care, mental health professionals should be contacted before any implants are approved.
Sarwer said that 7 to 15 percent of women having plastic surgery have dysmorphic disorder, a preoccupation with a slight or imagined defect in appearance. He said that these women in particular do not respond well to cosmetic surgery.

The scientists suggested that cosmetic surgeons should evaluate women who want breast enlargement for any signs of psychological problems.
"If women have a psychological problem and they are given breast implants they will still have that problem," said Koot, who reported the finding in the British Medical Journal.

The numerous data I have found researching breast implants and suicide go back as far as 2003. I have been unable to find a study suggesting that the pressure women are under to conform to an unnatural male image set by men and media are in anyway behind the breast enlargement and suicide phenomena. Concentrating on greater disposable income, programmes such as "Nip & Tuck or domains such as women’s magazines, in which psychological experts provide ‘facts’ about women’s ‘body image problems’, and offer advice and psychological treatments. Nothing to do with every way you look in the media there's a big pair of plastic tits ready to poke ya eyes out! Demanded of course by men for their 24hr reality Planet Porn Show. They also talk of women's "psychological problems" and "dysmorphic disorder" and waffle on about Plastic Surgeons assessing women’s mental health prior to surgery. Since when was a surgeon a psychiatrist or psychologist? and since when were women the ones with the *real* (as in the origional) "psychological problems"?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quest For The *Perfect Woman*?~Part I

Breast implants, like a lot of other things in this world, have become normalised, accepted and a reasonable option for many women, for what ever their reasons. I spent six years working as a Senior Nurse on a regional Burns and Plastic surgery unit up until the late nineties. The last couple of years of that stint as part time, while I juggled sporadic sessional work to try and move into the community based mental health field as a counsellor and care coordinator. I’m actually in the process of changing direction again, which I’ve commented on in my profile, but that’s another story! I reinvent my self every five years or so, you see, with the only thing remaining consistent being my radical feminism.
So anyway, I spent six years working on a high tech’ high dependency unit, that also performed it’s fair share of other more aesthetic work such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks and so on. The vast majority of our breast remit work was breast augment’ for psychological reasons on women who felt their lack of breast tissues was causing them psychological distress. Other breast surgery included breast reduction, reconstruction after mastectomy, severe asymmetry and the odd mastopexy where the breast is “uplifted” requiring realignment of nipple and general tightening up of slack tissue. I would include mastopexy as a second cousin of breast enlargement as it's performed on healthy breasts for cosmetic reasons. ** Breast reduction is also a surgical proceedure on healthy breasts, because for some women, large breasts can cause back and shoulder troubles, but for most females it was unwanted, cruel and objectifying comments from males. You know * "Big tits are MY property, therefore I have a right to comment" sorta guys. Both augmentation and reduction procedures demonstrate how some women feel the need to mutilate and adapt their breasts to either get male approval (breast enlargement) or become "invisible" (breast reduction)
At the time it struck me, that a disproportionately high percentage of women admitted for breast augs’ were in my eyes, either border line anorexic or had some severe body image issues. There was absolutely no psychological screening, even though we had a Psychologist attached to our unit, due of the nature of the departments work, such as severe burns, cancer and reconstructive surgery following trauma.
Sadly it doesn’t take rocket science to work out why so many women and girls are obsessed to the level of resorting to painful, dangerous and
unnecessary surgery in the quest for the males interpretation of the *perfect woman* How is it, men not only get to interperate our sexuality in pornography, but also get to define what size and shape our tits are in the fuckability cattle market?
I was talking to a friend this morning, and she voiced concern that her 16 year old daughter’s magazines have adverts for breast enlargement surgery, which she guesses is aimed at the late teens.
Oh come on!!!
She can’t remember the magazines in question, but she’s going to find them out for me.
Within a couple of posts I’m going to look at this increase in breast surgery, and the worrying research that shows that women need to be screened for subtle mental health problems, as a link with increased suicide has been identified.

* big tits, little tits, any tits...tits
** Women would frequently use the physical health ie back and shoulder problems as the factors for being accepted for reduction surgery, but disclose in private to nursing staff, that it was actually unwanted male attention that was the real problem.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Up-Date ~Girrlz~Sexxxy Sid's New 36DD's!!

Howz about this girrlz! Sexxxy Sid's got 'em out for the wimmin, in this sexxxy new number, designed by our very own Phemi.
"Forget those orange peel thingies, now i feel like a reaal man" He squeaked excitedly for Nuts Magazine for squirrels.

*And we just love 'em too, don't we girrlz "Wink"*

Ball-ssiere For Sid's Nuts

As suggested by Phemisaurus Terribilis, Sid and I decided he should buy into the Beauty-Myth and we cobbled up a ball-ssiere. Organic and bio-degradable of course.

The Meaning Of Nuts By Sid

Nuts isn't a Lad's Mag!... they're these LOOK!

Hoy! Sid!... you need a Wonder Bra for 'em mate!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mi.sog.y.ny, Religion And The Witch Hunts~Part VII

Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Woman to Live:The Reasons Behind the Hiding of Women's Sexuality.

Other common depravities of witches included adultery, bestiality (with the Devil in the form of a cat or goat), cunnilingus, anilingus, and fellatio. Fellatio was considered particularly dangerous and was seen as a form of seminal vampirism performed by post-menopausal women:
The old witch was in a sense a dry woman who, instead of feeding others well, diverted nourishment to her own selfish ends. Older widows were believed to have the power to ruin young men sexually, and youths were warned against marrying such women because they were sexually ravenous, and would suck out their seed, weakening them with their insatiable hunger for seminal fluid and contaminating them with their own impurities

Mi.sog.y.ny, Religion And The Witch Hunts~Part VI

Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Woman to Live:The Reasons Behind the Hiding of Women's Sexuality.

The only way women could combat their evil sexuality was through virginity or abstinence. Virginity became the ideal, and the only way a woman could free herself from sexual temptation and evil was by renouncing her sexuality.
This new development was a means through which men exerted control over female behaviour and in the process played down their own sense of sexual inferiority. They failed to satisfy the carnal woman. The virgin saved them from this humiliation. All good women must emulate the virgin as far as their circumstances permitted. Even married women should avoid sex except for procreation. Women who did not conform exhibited their sensuality, their devotion to evil .
Because of dual beliefs of women as whores/virgins, sexual impropriety was one of the most serious accusations that could be made against a woman in a court of law.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Where's Barbie?

Little Big Bonce: Pssst Sista Devine, Where's Barbie?

Sista Devine: Oh! my child, she's auditioning for Big Brother. The next time we'll see her, she'll be in Nuts! May the Lord have mercy...

Little Big Bonce: Can i audition for Big Brother?

Sista Devine: Certainly not! have you seen the size of your head?... stupid child!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Full Moon Tonight

The moon is seen as a female symbol, and was worshipped in ancient times as a powerful force. The sacredness of the moon has been connected with the basic cyclic rhythms of life. The changing phases of the moon are linked to the death and rebirth seen in crops and the seasons, and also to the female monthly cycle that controls human fertility.

Check my side bar for the current Moon phase.

Mi.sog.y.ny, Religion And The Witch Hunts~Part V

Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Woman to Live:The Reasons Behind the Hiding of Women's Sexuality.

The period between the twelfth and eighteenth centuries was one in which women must have cursed their bad luck of having been born female. Women feared their own sex and their own sexuality, not to mention one another. The early modern period was a time in which being a woman could be a crime in and of itself a crime often punishable by death. The anti-female Malleus Maleficarum, or the Hammer of Witches, [which i know I've mentioned several times, including it's stark resemblance to the message in pornography] became one of the first international bestsellers, going through thirty-five editions in four different languages between 1486 and 1669. The Malleus Maleficarum advocated death to all witches, with the majority of witches being the majority of women.

Menstruation as purging of evil humors.

In early European times, most doctors regarded menstruation as beneficial to women, as providing a monthly purging of those evil humors which might otherwise induce doubly reprehensible behavior on the part of the weaker, less rational sex. The relationship between menstruation and the production of the ovum remained undiscovered until the mid-nineteenth century. Before then menstruation was viewed as akin to bloodletting, the official medical remedy for most bodily disorders. Conversely, the ending of the menstrual cycle was viewed as negative, as a process whereby evil 'humors' remained present in the body, capable of adding to that complex of female wickedness which could turn aging women into witches. According to one seventeenth-century French physician: "When seed and menstrual blood are retained in women besides [beyond] the intent of nature, they putrefie and are corrupted, and attain a malignant and venomous quality"

Some people may think that my interest in the Witchcraze, bears little relevance to our present day situation as feminists demanding to be heard and challenging men to examine their beliefs about women. It may be 200 and 0dd years since the last Witch was condemed in the Uk, and thankfully we have moved on, mostly due to science, medicine and so forth. But, who is to say that the basic, DNA en-coded, covert and inherited beliefs surrounding the female, still don't lurk in the male psyche on some deep and dark level?

For all of our enlightenment, why is duality still alive and kicking? and how come men are still getting to define OUR sexuality?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Timmy (the Tiger) 15 Years Old Today

Thought i'd post a picture of one of the finer things in life. My beautiful little cat Timmy (the Tiger) basking in the sunshine, on his birthday. Happy Birthday Tim xxx

Misandry~Hatred Of Men

I'm still reeling from the reports and pictures of the rapes by U.S. Marines in Iraq and I give no apologies for being disgusted by men and their inhumanity. For all the perpetrators, supporters and by-standers of the global and systematic dehumanisation of women...ask yourself, why do you hate us so much?

Reasons To Hate Men~Mi.sog.y.ny And The Military ( Link)

*Warning triggering story*

Heart has written some splendid posts across on Women’s Space. She has covered the rape and murder of 15 year old Abir Qasim Hamza, of Iraq, by U.S. military. According to the Washington Post the soldiers had been sexually harrrassing her as she passed through a manned checkpoint. Her family were afraid for her, and she had even stayed at a family friend’s home for a night.
The child had refused their sexual advances, and how dare she! "That little bitch knew what she was doing as she wiggled her cute little ass past the drooling men with cocks for brains" "W W What! she dosen't want us! well we're gonna have her, because we're men and we CAN"
(Words mine)
So to cut a long and horrific story short, they gang raped and murdered her. Not content with the dehumanizing and torturing of a child, they set fire to her body and murdered the rest of her family.

A neighbour of the Hanza family states:
"I knew she had been raped since she had been turned on her face and the lower
part of her body was raised while her hands and feet had been tied"

*Remember, these are soldiers, the supposed keepers of integrity and courage, defenders of our rights and values*

Secondly Heart covers a story, of how she has come across information and photos about, what looks to be of U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi women. These found their way to a porn site named Iraqabaes, where they were described as genuine photos of women being raped. The Porn site has since been taken down. Pro war web sites have clamed that the photos are staged because they appear on a porn site!

*Remember these are soldiers, the supposed keepers of integrity and courage, defenders of our rights and values*

Heart sums up Porn=not real
This is one of the many horrors of our porn culture: all that has to be done in
order to make a rape not "real" not "actual" is to turn it into porn. If it is
pornography, then it must be harmless "fantasy"

Once again i've come to the conclusion that men hate us, they look at us and see *SEX* not human beings, with even so much as a heart beat. How can people not see this war on women? I’m a firm believer in ‘what goes around, comes around,’ and the perpetrators and supporters of this derranged misogyny are buiding up one hell of a Karmic debt.

(edit) I have found out today that Abir Hamzah was born August 19, 1991, meaning she had not yet turned 15. The object of the U.S soldier's sexual depravity was 14 years old.

See side bar for updates of this story

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mi.sog.y.ny, Religion And The Witch Hunts~Part IV

Saints, Virgins Or Whores

In 1485, according to Krämer and Sprenger, the Inquisition of Como burnt 41 witches for intercourse with *incubi. They had had a wet dream and were incinerated for it! Evidently an exception was the Catholic St Theresa whose nocturnal visitor was a golden angel with a great golden spear which penetrated her entrails and “with a piercing sweetness” “caused her to utter several moans”. For this she was canonized. Poor witches dreamt of the Devil and were burnt at the stake. Even if they had really dreamt of **Christ, they would have had to confess that it was the Devil if they wanted their torturers to cease. Today the incubus is not called the Devil but an alien.

* Male aspect of the "Devil*
** Bloke on the cross.

Mi.sog.y.ny, Religion And The Witch Hunts~A Short Ditty

A Short Ditty, as opposed to Religion And The Witch HuntsPart IV

And proverbs xi, as it were describing a woman, says: As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion. (written in the Malleus Maleficarum)

We now have a modern day Malleus, ran by the likes of Heffner, Flint, other Pornographers and the men who wank to them.

*See warning picture above* Misogyny twists balls.

Mi.sog.y.ny, Religion And The Witch Hunts~Part III

The witch-hunts can in fact be viewed as a case of genderized mass murder. The overall evidence makes plain that the growth -- the panic -- in the witch craze was inseparable from the stigmatization of women. ... Historically, the unreserved belief in female power and female evil is evidenced in the tight, recurrent, by-now nearly instinctive association of women and witchcraft. Though there were male witches, when the witch craze accelerated and became a mass phenomenon after 1500 its main targets, its main victims, were female witches. Indeed, one strongly suspects that the development of witch-hunting into a mass hysteria only became possible when directed primarily at women.
In The Holocaust in Historical Context, Vol. I, p. 433 [n. 1], 436.) Katz draws out the depths of this misogyny through a comparison with anti-Semitism:

"The medieval conception of women shares much with the corresponding medieval
conception of Jews. In both cases, a perennial attribution of secret, bountiful,
malicious "power," is made. Women are anathematized and cast as witches because
of the enduring grotesque fears they generate in respect of their putative
abilities to control men and thereby coerce, for their own ends, male-dominated
Christian society. Whatever the social and psychological determinants operative
in this abiding obsession, there is no denying the consequential reality of such
anxiety in medieval Christendom. Linked to theological traditions of Eve and
Lilith, women are perceived as embodiments of inexhaustible negativity. Though
not quite quasi-literal incarnations of the Devil as were Jews, women are,
rather, their ontological "first cousins" who, like the Jews, emerge from the
"left" or sinister side of being." (Katz, The Holocaust in Historical Context,
Vol. I, p. 435.)

Some historians even go on to say that the torture, was sexualized sadism, and in some respects the point of the trials, and not merely a feature of them!!

Does all of this sound familiar?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mi.sog.y.ny, Religion And The Witch Hunts~Part II

The Witch Hunts~
The classic evocation of the deranged misogyny 0f the Witch hunts is the Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches) became the guidebook for prosecuting witches in Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It too emphasized the sexual nature of witchcraft. This work by Pope Innocent VIII, published by Catholic inquisition authorities told stories of men losing their genitalia and consulting with female witches for treatment. It also explained why women were more likely to become witches.
"Because the female sex is more concerned with things of the
flesh than men; because being formed from a man's rib, they are only 'imperfect
animals' and 'crooked' whereas man belongs to a privileged sex from whose midst
Christ emerged."12
"All wickedness," write the authors, "is but little to
the wickedness of a woman. ... What else is woman but a foe to friendship, an
inescapable punishment, a necessary evil, a natural temptation, a desirable
calamity, domestic danger, a delectable detriment, an evil nature, painted with
fair colours. ... Women are by nature instruments of Satan -- they are by nature
carnal, a structural defect rooted in the original creation." (Quoted in Katz,
The Holocaust in Historical Context, Vol. I, pp. 438-39.)

The Malleus Maleficarum ("The Hammer of Witches" or the "Hexenhammer") is considered by many to be the classic Roman Catholic text on witchcraft, First published in 1487, the book is notorious for its use in the witch-hunt craze of the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries.

I Ask you "Have the Witch Hunts really ended?"

Mi.sog.y.ny And Religion

Mi.sog.y.ny And Religion, Some Origins~Part I

mi·sog·y·ny (mi-soj'ə-nē) n.
Hatred of women: “Every organized patriarchal religion works overtime to contribute its own brand of misogyny” (Robin Morgan).
I have noticed lately that while feminists are frequently hurled the imaginary insult of ‘man hater’ the polarity of ‘woman hater’ seems somehow to loose its power. A lot of women find the idea of being called a ’man hater’ something to be avoided at all costs, while women hatred remains unchecked, and is actively encouraged to flourish.
The subject of misogyny and the analysis of the reasons for the widespread and nurtured/encouraged woman hatred that infects this lonely planet is a huge and complex subject. That’s why misogyny and the patriarchal religions seem a good place as any to start. The subject of misogyny and the Church is huge and I will not even attempt to scratch the surface, merely give some insights of some origins.

Addiction Words

The words Spirit, soul, heaven, sin, god, eternal life, baptism, sacred, and so the list goes on is all a bit like the ubiquitous "Coca Cola" (or "Coke") .. Trademarked by "Vaticorp"…How many times do you buy a bottle of "Cola"… and, no matter what the brand, you call it "Coke" ...The Marketing departing department did a good job of selling the sizzle through appealing to all of the senses.No matter what roots of the Spiritual English Words that you use lie deeper than the Catholic definition, the "sizzle" of Rome's marketing department obscures them."Coca Cola" got its name because it was originally formulated from extracts of the Cola Nut and Cocaine. But, over the years, we have forgotten about the Cocaine and Amatil have taken it out of their drink. Yet, we all know the nature of addictive memory.
Consumer Mind Control and Hard Sell
So it was with the Canon of the Roman Catholic Church, Is it any wonder with the corrupted translation of the Bible, mostly by celibate women hating priests, time and time again down through history, that we have been left with a ‘manual’ of pure unadulterated misogynous shit. Which unfortunately governs the life of the vast majority of the spiritual teachings of the planet? Don’t forget I’m talking ALL the patriarchal religions here

Born Of Original Sin

Many of us were baptised because we are taught that children are born of Original Sin.But - what if this is merely a Dogma of Manipulation and Control based on mistranslation of Assyrian practice of 2500 years BCE - where "sin" was merely the word of the time which translates now into the English words "female or feminine".Of course you would be born of sin. There aren't too many alive now who were not born of female. This is the Original Birth of the Physical Body.And what happens immediately after birth is that all of the "stains" the coatings and the other original birth products from the female which come out on the body of the new born are washed away.But, no. This wasn't mystical enough - and couldn't be used for power, control and manipulation. The Infant had to be Baptised by a Priest (instead of washed by a midwife) to erase Original Sin from which it was born when it separated from its mother who was made to feel evil because she bore a "child from hell".

Dead Heroines

Transcendence and the transpersonal goes against any Patriarchal religious memories that may be in the body and the implications of heresy and blasphemy can lead to psychosis when confronted ...
This will bring up "Unholy" memories especially if they involve the female body because Christianity is a Patriarchal religion whose origins strip the female of any integrity (at least until after a life of martyrdom ending in death)

Keeping female legs together

How does a Female get to be a Saint .. VaticorpI read the stories of the Female Saints and yes, it is a Holy Estate, achieved after a lifetime of martyrdom, celibacy and servitude to "The Father".What sort of life is it for a female to live .. in servitude to a father who may or may not recognise them after they are dead ....What role model does that portray for a female child who has a difficult relationship with her biological father or men in general.for the human body only recognises and reacts to the "key word" father ... and doesn't differentiate rank or station ...This is the Catholic Female Peer Role Model ..
If you get to become a nun ...and if you don't, you have to keep your legs together until you marry and then have as many children as possible

Monday, July 03, 2006

Create Your Own Title?~What Does This Picture Say To You?

And this my friends, is the space i need to re-focus and 're-group' (hate military analogies) my thoughts. I will turn my attention for a short while, to things of a more civilised nature- that is-does not contain misogyny , racism or any of the 'othering' that males consider just 'a bit of fun'

[In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit for research and educational purposes]

Sunday, July 02, 2006

For All Those Who Think Lad's Mags Are Just Harmless Fun

I'm dedicating this picture, to all of the Ostriches who think that lad's mags are just a bit of harmless fun. I'm going to leave this topic for a while, and concentrate on things that don't leave such a foul taste in my mouth.

More On Barely Bipedal~All 1st Sparkle*mendment Rights Apply~Free Speech

There are obviously lots of undressed women in Maxim, all up for it, especially the ladies in the adverts at the back for sex chatlines and hardcore porn DVDs. Women are, of course, a commodity in lads' mags and Maxim is unusually candid about this - one monthly feature, headlined "Fresh off the boat", offers readers the chance of a date with an immigrant, or the latest "hot foreign girl looking for love as a way to avoid deportation!" (Note, an exclamation mark denotes humour.)

Maybe i've got a different sense of humour than the readers of Maxim? or ,maybe i don't think women (and men) fleeing, oppression and torture fair game for piss taking. I spent most of last year working on a project for refugees and asylum seekers, and no, there wasn't anyone splitting their sides with laughter, as they told their tale of escape. Or peals of glee as they faced deportation, somtimes to face rape, torture or even death, but always to some form of persecution.

Yeah Maxim, really fucking funny, Har-de-har Har Har!

My mate Dave from Newcastle sent this photo' in, he spotted it, yes you've guessed it, lurking around the lad's mags stand.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

More On Barely Bipedal ~This Picture Of A Lad's Mags Reader Is Protected By the 1st Sparkle*mendment~

Alok Jna says "Sex" sells because it's "what men want". Women dress in short skirts because it's "what men want". Women go to lap-dancing clubs because "it is a place men like to go". In raunch culture, liberation and empowerment for women involves "behaving like a man".
But who decided that these are the only types of sexuality that men are interested in? Who decided that behaving like a man involves going to lap-dancing clubs or salivating over porn stars? Who decided that men are all beholden to the fantasy world of boobs and beer with an unstoppable desire for sexual prowess?
The current sexual climate caricatures men's sexuality and damages men. The blame for this lies in many places but nowhere is the roots of this problem clearer than in the pernicious world of lad culture."

I would also go on to say Alok; that it damages women in such a way, that they often loose sight of that vital essence...their sense of self.

And before anyone starts jumping up and down, attacking the way i have pictoraly portrayed lad's mags readers in these posts. This also happens to be the way i feel, everytime i have to walk past a lad's mags stand.

Remember lads...
'it's just a bit of fun''
"its empowering"
"lighten up!"

Please respect the 1st Sparkle*mendment.