Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll Kit

A thoroughly modern Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll kit, complete with dolls, cocktail sticks and a variety of entertaining anti-patriarchy spells and techniques. With the Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll kit, your ‘nicest’ wishes are only a cocktail prick away! An essential for any Feminist seriously opposing the Patriarchy. Attractively boxed & a perfect fun gift!
Why not use it at Feminist get togethers? The impaled Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll is ideal for presenting nibbles and snacks. Just think, you can be, discussing the latest feminist theory while not only conveying ‘nicest wishes’ to the Patriarchy, but munching tasty titbits in the most Feminist of ways!

*The Sparkle*voodoo™ Doll was inspired by a comment left on my site by Sarah Louise Parry of Barbie’s worst nightmare*

“And perhaps in the gift shop they'll flog voodoo dolls of sexist pigs that you can stick pins in, out of respect for the women who went before them who had to put up with that shit and when they complained were just told to 'lighten up'.”


Blogger spotted elephant said...

You're really onto something here. I think you should run with it-your own feminist business! :)

8:16 pm  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

I would love to!! :-)

7:57 am  

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