Monday, July 31, 2006

Free Speech And Anti-Censorship~Hypocrisy At Its Finest

In response to the hacking and the resultant wrecking of havoc at APAN; here is a follow up to my previous post “Free Speech And Anti-Censorship My Ass”

Free speech and anti-censorship-- censored by the Pornographers and the supporters of pornography. Hypocrisy at its finest, courtesy of the pro porn squad.

Hustling The Left
Hustling the left’s website use the first Amendment right to expose and critique hate speech. They focus on corporate Pimp and pornographer Larry Flynt because so many politicos and pundits from the left have failed to comment on, much less confront Flynts hate speech.

OPEN LETTER TO MEN Who Say They Believe in Freedom and Equality by Nikki Craft. who degrade and mutilate women's bodies in the name of sexuality, profit
and entertainment. Pornographers have empires, which they use to encourage
oppression and violence against a class of persons who do not now have, and
never had, the civil rights vouchsafed to men as a class. The First Amendment
belongs to those who can afford to buy"

F.U.C.K. is an acronym for Feminists Uncovering Censorship Knowledgeably. F.U.C.K. is a multi-gendered, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, cross-class network of feminist activists dedicated to fostering ethical and anti-oppressive, anti-repressive speech acts which expose unethical and oppressive and repressive speech acts.

“There are those who say illogic is the native tongue of anything with
tits…(women) speak not from the heart but from the gash, and chances are that at
least once a month your chick will stop you dead in your tracks with a
masterpiece of cunt rhetoric…the one surefire way to stop those feminine lips
from driving you crazy is to put something between them–like your cock, for
instance.”--Hustler* [Larry Flynt]

“When he speaks,[Larry Flynt] he controls who gets to see and hear his speech-acts. We are showing you his speech, so you know what he is saying. We leave it to you to decide if he is for "freedom", a term which we assume has real meaning in real people's lives.” (F.U.C.K.)

Larry Flynt's corporate-pimp speech is spoken with a patriarchal accent, somehow
through a vagina. Exactly how is it that a woman's open vulva became his
mouthpiece?--Julian Real.

I ask you; who is it that really has Free Speech?

*Note: I have included "Hustling the left" in my side bar. Please note this site is NOT work friendly and may contain triggering content*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am feeling no glimpses of the occasional sense of humour I try to maintain (what's left of it) - today, after reading the yahoo group messages, and bearing in mind the recent cyber-sabotage incidents, we are all declaring war on this epidemic of male control and facsism towards women.

I have no patience left with the evil which is evident in this world - if people knew the horrific nature (and many people in the west are not) of the japanese hentai culture (and by all accounts, it's influence is headed this way), then we are in big trouble - this culture has been going for some time and as we seem to be fighting only small fires at the moment, while a much bigger fire rages, we will become stronger and bigger. They will hate this - good. We hate them and the evil they force into the world and contribute to men's negative perception of women. Women are now even buying into this.

I cannot state completely just how critical this state of affairs has become - but we all know that -the pornographers have had their way for too long - they have promoted their poison in such vast volume via the internet, not realising that we can fight them using the internet too - our free speech is just as much of a right as theirs, but hate speech has no rights.

I have run out of words - I have no more patience today.

2:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS - I am heartened by the existence of the FUCK group mentioned in the blog post (sounds like my kinda acronym) and would love to find out more about them - will contact you thru the other group

The more we connect up and know about each other, thru blogs, forums, and other internet-based groups, the stronger we will become.

From U-Know-Hoo!

2:28 pm  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

I Do-know-hoo!

2:47 pm  

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