Thursday, July 27, 2006

"I AM the Annihilator of all and anything that is not worthy of keeping."

Kali is a Hindu/Tibetan/Nepalese Goddess of destruction and creation.

I do not know if I have mentioned on here before that I enjoy inviting the goddess’s into my life. I have a permanent shrine/alter set up and usually have a dedicated goddess for whom I feel strengths and characteristics I could do with right now. At the moment I have Kali, a very misunderstood and sometimes feared goddess. My ex used to get slightly worried when I had an alter 'on the go' representing all things Kali.
Kali is a Hindu/Tibetan/Nepalese Goddess of destruction and creation. She is the womb and the tomb. Regardless of religion, women can look to her as a symbol of female power and be inspired by all aspects of this complex Goddess.

Kali is the destroyer of demons.

We must work to destroy the "demons" that are the result of the patriarchy. This might sound a bit dramatic, but the effects of a patriarchal culture eat at female’s souls just as surely as mythological demons
For those who worship Kali, each woman is a representative of the Goddess. Pornography and misogyny in the media promote and encourage violence against women and children including rape, bestiality, incest, paedophilia, necrophilia and death to get that even more intense and satisfying male orgasm. What is left for fucks sake, digging skeletons up and fucking them? The pelvic area would be a tad 'spacey' but hey! the eye sockets would be perfect!
M Mmm the male orgasm must be the priciest sensation on this lonely planet.

Kali was depicted with four to twelve arms, dark skinned or black, with bare breasts. In most common images of Kali she holds a sword in one hand and a head in another while her other two hands encourage worshippers. In one carving, she stands on the prone body of her husband/son Shiva. She wears a necklace of usually twelve skulls,
Her more benevolent nature is something overlooked by many Westerners. She is a creator as well as a destroyer. In order to have creation, we must also have destruction. Her rituals are intended to put the worshipper in tune with the female essence at all levels, to empower women by giving them a sense of what they can accomplish, and to give women tools to fight the effects of patriarchy.

You rock Kali!!


Anonymous Sekhem-der said...

Interesting post.

The Egyptian equivilant (or possibly, predecessor) of Kali is Sekhmet.

8:02 pm  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Hi thank you
It is the essence of the symbol that counts...there are equivalents for Kali, shakti,(another aspect of Kali) Sekhmet and so on in all of the world's texts.

8:17 pm  

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