Friday, July 28, 2006

Call Me Cynical~Pervy Pumpers

This is an article at the Melon Farmers, who remember-- protect paedophiles, filed in the UK Censorship section.

It gives four sites where there has been problems concerning children creating their own homepage, giving personal details and sometimes intimate photographs of themselves. Call me cynical but why has Melon Farmers given the names of these sites? These findings were first highlighted in a Guardian article.
Ok they have not given full addresses, but I can imagine they would not be that hard to find. One site is even described as ****.com.

“The government-backed watchdog the Child Exploitation and Online Protection
Centre will say today it has begun an inquiry young people's networking sites
after concern from teachers and parents.They have become alarmed at how children
are using the sites such as *******,.********,*********,and now **** to display
personal details and, in some cases, intimate photographs of themselves. It is
estimated that 61% of UK children aged 13 to 17 have a personal profile on a
networking site, which enable a user to create their own homepage, exhibit
photographs and socialise online. Of the 8 million children in the UK with
access to the internet, one in 12 says they have gone on to meet someone whom
they initially encountered online.

The latest site to come under scrutiny -
****.com - organises networks around school or college communities, and has
attracted 25 million members since its launch 18 months ago. A few children have
begun showing pictures of themselves in sexual poses, semi-naked or wearing
lingerie. One headteacher has called in police after discovering more than 700
of her students had signed up with ****, and that some were displaying images
she considered to be indecent.

Linda Wybar, headteacher of Tunbridge Wells
girls' grammar, also banned the site from her school and wrote to every parent
about her concerns.In a statement, **** said: **** has taken the issues of
privacy and safety very seriously since its inception and was one of the first
social networking sites to partner with organisations like to
create safety tips on issues such as cyberbullying and online safety. We
prominently post links to these safety tips for parents and *****’s on our
homepage and all profiles have a 'report abuse' link where members can report
other members for inappropriate content or behaviour.

Ahead of today's
announcement by the Ceop, which was set up by the government two months ago, the
head of the agency, Jim Gamble, told the Guardian: We've got a specific interest
in social networking sites simply because it is 'the' new phenomenon, it is how
young people are coming together and capitalising on a range of different
technologies. Basically, they're inviting friends to be members of private
groups or inviting others to view public materials.In many ways that's a good
thing for children, a great opportunity. In other ways it represents everything
you see on the school playground - *the only difference is that in this
playground, there are no teachers or police or moderators to keep an eye on what's going on"

*Broadcasted by the Melons*

Like I've said, call me cynical, probably because i am AND why is it filed under "UK Censorship"?


Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Falling Star...Hi and welcome, i'm sorry but I deleted your comment by mistake!!! Please re-post if you have time

3:14 pm  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Sarah Louise, I published your comment and it went poof!? or unless I deleted it like Falling Star's by mistake. Think I'm loosing the plot today?

5:10 pm  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

SLP You said
"The only reason men are pro-porn is because it is marketed in their best intetests-end of"
Of course! the male orgasm is the most important thing in the whole wide world. And no i'm not talking for making babies.

5:16 pm  
Blogger charliegrrl said...

Melon Farmers...i was horrified when came across this site.
What worries me is hundreds of men taking time out to research and comment on what they consider to be a infringement of their right to masturbate to any image, no matter how abusive, and their right to have sex with whom ever or what ever no matter how unethical. Makes me sick

ps if you are having problems with posting comments, get them sent to your email address so you can publish them from there. The option will prob be in email section

3:10 pm  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Cheers c.g. Yes I am getting them sent to my e-mail now.

The Melon farmers site has had an amazing anount of energy put into it, far too much-sinister is an understatement. They are calling people who don't want a lap-dancing club 100 meters away from a School NUTTERS! And not so thinly guised adverts for sites showing kids in sexualised poses. AND then having the nerve to file it in UK censorship. Honestly they make me puke! I fucking hate them! I had to stop yesterday and go sit in the field (see post) to get those wankers out of my head.

3:22 pm  

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