Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Woman In Body Bag a.k.a. Burqas

Now i don't want to upset any religious groups, about what they choose to wear. I know some women who wear Burqas, claim to do so as some sort of symbol and dedication to their faith. I'm not going to ruffle any feathers here, because this post isn't about women who CHOOSE to wear the veil.

The other day while watching some news programme, it included footage of a country where the female wears the Burqas. Picture this....large group of men and boys dancing around smiling, wearing brightly coloured t-shirts, and just generally whooping it up about something or other. Then cue, the most surreal image scuttled into view. A woman (i guess) completely covered in this, this body bag thing, scurried and weaved along the edges of the group. It reminded me of a tragic "Cousin It" even the gap for her eyes was covered by gauze. I nearly cried.

Now this leads me onto the next bit. I'm sick of hearing this used as an argument against Radical Feminists, as in "Ahhhh but you don't have to wear Burqas do you, things could be a lot worse, you know"

Could they? So what? Whoopfuckingdooo we don't have to wear Burqas, what exactly does this mean? If women (radical feminists-not the fun kind) didn't fight, we would be wearing burqas or whatever else. Or probably more like a Bunnygirl (hack pppt) outfit as outlined in a previous post.

Burqas are merely a symbol of female oppression, just the same as pornography, prostitution and all the other pernicious cancers that the patriachy spew onto us.

Wakey wakey!!!! so what, we don't wear body bags...yet!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes its seems that to prove we are not being oppressed by islamic fundamentalism we need to "get them out for the lads".

No wonder they say we are decadent. Is there no comfortable middle ground anymore?

Playboy Bunny or The Burqa?

5:20 pm  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Nope, it would seem that only men have the comfortable middle ground.

8:23 pm  

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