Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Women Of Tehran

"On Monday June 12th, a peaceful demonstration of women for equal rights was brutally suppressed by the police force even before the participants get any chance to voice their demands. More than 70 people are arrested and men and women were beaten up and tear gas was used. The demonstration was organized by a group of women activists as a follow up to the similar demonstration which was held last year in front of University of Tehran"

The sit-in on 12th June 2006 had been widely advertised online and was a peaceful plea to the Iranian government to change its unequal gender laws. The principle demands were as follows:
• Abolition of polygamy
• The right of divorce by women
• Joint custody of children for mothers and fathers
• Equal rights in family law
• Increasing the minimum legal age for girls to 18 (currently it is 15)
• Equal rights for women as witnesses in courts of law

When you see these women's plea's it's not very much is it?...chilling.
After reading several blogs of the women of Tehran , and various news accounts across the web, i couldn't help recognise just how far we've come. I've noticed a lot of Trolls use arguments like this to try and silence feminists. "but what about the poor women of Tehran?" yadda yadda yadda. No way is any oppression, of any women, any where in the world, going to take my eye off women here. Of course i've got goosbumps on my goosebumps when i read those reports. But i repeat, i will not take my eye of the ball, not for one minute.


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