Saturday, June 17, 2006

Condition Of Worth for Woman

Self worth, self respect, self love, self esteem self...self..self as applied to women. Soopermouse's post on worth set me thinking (yet again) about how much i have struggled with this concept ...self, me, my-self. How, for so long i *looked out side of my-self* to stroke the ego, the self, to feel better, good, worthwhile, to love myself. How the patriachy gives me a checklist to tick off, too old? too fat? too thin? too gobby? too? too? too?.
Women have lost sight of them-selves. Pornograpy, prostitution, domestic violence, all tools of the Patriachy, all designed to keep us in our place. Religion started this ball rolling with the notion that women were created from men, not from the earth, but from men. How can a woman ever feel *WHOLE*, when she has never been allowed to be whole. Christianity indocrinating us from birth that we are inferior, we do not come from source, the alpha and omega, as men do; for we come from men.

What a message.

This dis-ease laid down in our bones, our body gradually turns to disease. Our bodies remember, passed on through the generations, imprinting on our DNA

Many of us have seen the *tools* the *weapons* that they use to keep us gasping for breath, feet bound, circumcised , naked and abused. Our image of self, our concept of who we are, contorted, boxed and packaged.

Those of us who *see* the weapons, the tools, will continue to fight.


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