Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Own Internal Patriachy And The Hairy Hand

When i got up this morning and checked my Matrix of the Sparkle* my first reaction, was that my previous post had sounded a tad AngRy and i even toyed, (albeit briefy) with taking it down. Had i been too brutal, lumping ALL men together? No? Yes? (Ahh you see, men take that as a resounding YES, their ears don't hear NO)... Tough shit! the men out there, who know that they do not abuse women/kids and who actually respect the female, know who they are. It's interesting, isn't it, here's lil ol' me daring to put my beleifs, out on to the WWW, and i get a little hesitant when i speak my truth. The Patriachy in all it's cockworshiping putrid glory reaching out invisible and stealth like to put its hairy hand on my GOB! No way! Hey this feels good!

Suck your own cock!


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