Thursday, June 15, 2006

Musings for Thursday

I've been gardening at Dilston, just about all day, well 9:30 to 2:30 and i'm feeling pretty tired. Forgot to say i've got a huge/bite/allergic reaction thingy on my right calf. The Dilston lot say they have never seen anything like it before. I'd been working around the pond on saturday and Elaine (Mad Professor) says there is a Dragon Fly that has a gross evil caterpiller whotsit, that has a nasty bite. Fucking little twat!!

Tomorrow i go to the Personal Development Workshop event, so that may be interesting...
Definitely not going to work in the clinic. The two main points remain a) the travelling and b) hourly rate, client based. I will ring Sara tomorrow, and if she says anything questionable i will tell her straight.RHAAARRR! Joke...i will not shout, i will cut her short with my self-confident, takes not the shit,divin't be messing with me hinny, sort of approach.
AND, i nearly forgot! both my items on ebay have buyers!! whoopidy dooo, and there's 6 more days to go so the prices may still increase

I'v included the sparkely little fairy as i feel quite enchanted to day, which reminds me, i told Katrina and Elaine about, how, when i close my eyes i keep seeing plants! Apparantly it's quite common and the spiritual explanation is that i have taken on some of the plants spirit, essence, that is cool!
(edit) Elaine is a real life mad professor... in Neoro-Science to be exact.


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