Friday, June 16, 2006


Also known as Personal Development Project. Very interesting day all round, and i feel i've done some pretty serious networking. I had a lengthy talk with the Communications Manager who works within Neuro Physiology. He took my number, as he was impressed with my previous experience, especially working with refugees, and asylum seekers. He has helped develop and implement "tools" for assesing the mental health status of refugees. I am SO interested in this field. I've got a good feeling about this one, Mmm thinky something might come of it.

As far as the PDP course goes I'm going to have some overlap with my work at Dilston, but i am just going to have to work around it somehow. I talked to Lisa (Finchley College Tutor) about one of the days that i would be unable to work and it was fine. I'm just going to have to sneek another one in and ask Dilson to change one day.

Rang Sarah about not wanting the job and it was fine (getting brave or what) She was expecting a refusal from moi, but she thought more on the lines of me not wanting to have C.I*. She apparantly has talked to Paul, and he agrees Wooooooo big fuck off deal right! that i must have the C.I.* to be able to do the job. Sarah feels that i "do not understand fully" about it all. Cheeky fucktard! I do understand, it just dosen't mean, that because i don't want a fucking Colonic, that i don't understand fully about the De-tox ethos.

Oh well... come the revolution, there's a few dick-heads i'm gonna have up against the wall.

* Colonic Irrigation (Hydrotherapy of the shitzer)

(Edit) I know Paul, and i don't believe for a minute that he *agreed* with Sarah: knowing him, i guess he said something along the lines of "Aye..Aye..Aye" just to keep the peace. It's interesting how people corrupt other's responses to fuel their own agenda...isn't it?


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