Monday, June 19, 2006

Sparkle* The Card Maker

Been feeling very creative today. I called into my local charity shop and bought a pile of Children's books for a quid! then i found some really kitch Snow white wrapping paper Mmmm i think it's Snow white? going to have to check up on that one. Anyway all for my card making! Got a great book about Lavender the Fairy, (which is now decimated) and transformed into a birthday card for my friend next month. Shit it's great! I've also done a little bit more on our "baby's" card who is one in August. Oh yes and i've just ordered a bag of multi coloured feathers off ebay. Ooo i LOVE feathers for embelishments. I seem to be getting inspiration from everywhere, keep getting images of things in my head of what i would like to make. Oh well suppose dat is good ya?

Now for something completely unrelated, i found a picture proclaiming to love Trolls (as above) now everyone knows we detest Trollish cretins....but i thought if i put this up, it may lull them into a sense of false security...and then i can POUNCE panther like...grrrrrrr, rippp, snarlll. I get hideously angry when people, any people, try to challenge my Radical Feminist views. Like it says in my profile, *It's my blog*


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