Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Been To See Sarah

Went down to Whitley Bay at the Lotus Clinic to see Sarah. As i mentioned in a previous post. my dealings with her had not inspired me much confidence. The clinic looks nice and proffessional and Sara wasn't as bad as i imagined, but i could still feel some sort of undercurrent, if you know what i mean? gut-instincts and all of that. Anyway, i have to get back to her soon to tell her of my decision. I doubt very much if i will take the job, my reasons are as follows:

1) Whitley Bay is freaking MILES away, well about 25 there and back,
making a round trip of 50 miles per day. Today's journey took one hour, and the traffic wasn't even all that heavy.

2) The pay is per hour per client, which means light day...light pay, and i forgot to ask about holiday enitlements. The initial job is part time, i don't know if i could run my flat on part time pay.

3) I have to have Colonic Hydrotherapy as part of my training. Sarah insists that you can't explain or guide someone through a proceedure, if you haven't experienced it your self. I replyed that's like saying you can't be a Midwife if you've never had a baby. I don't know if i want to have a C.I. Also it feels like a boundary issue, where i'm expected to discuss with client's what proceedures i partake of....Mmmmm

It dosen't look like i'm going to take it, does it?

Shame in a way, because i would get experience of running a clinic on my own, and learning many new de-tox procedures.

Nope! to summarize, the travelling, and hourly rate only is enough to stress me out.

Oh well, On friday, I start training, for facilitating "Personal Development" workshops...hope this is interesting, AND more lucrative.


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