Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Playboy Shite Targeting young Girls

I am becoming even MORE aware lately, of how companys like "Playboy" are creeping snake like into our everyday life. The recent normalization of pornography into main stream acceptance has been the afore-mentioned Playboy with their pink glittery stationary, whose target is young girls. This is a subtle message to young girls that a life in the porn industry is something to be aspired to. It's simply NORMALIZING pornography. It's "cool" to be a porn star...i wonder if most people realize that the VAST majority of porn workers are survivors of sexual abuse, and i'm talking around 75%. Yup around 75% of women in porn have experienced child hood sexual abuse. Not so sexeee now is it, unless you are an abuser of course. This is without taking into account how Porn harms the women performing, and damages the very fabric of our society, by saying loud and clear "women are just fuckholes, three holes to be exact! to be used as a ejaculation spitoon for semen" that "women want to be raped"and "when a woman says "no" she really means "yes"
WHS have refused to take down their display of Playboy stationary for girls, even though many other retailers have complied.

What this awareness underscores for me is that we live in rape culture that is incredibly entrenched in all our minds, that this works powerfully against us no matter how conscious we feel we are.

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