Sunday, July 09, 2006

Reasons To Hate Men~Mi.sog.y.ny And The Military ( Link)

*Warning triggering story*

Heart has written some splendid posts across on Women’s Space. She has covered the rape and murder of 15 year old Abir Qasim Hamza, of Iraq, by U.S. military. According to the Washington Post the soldiers had been sexually harrrassing her as she passed through a manned checkpoint. Her family were afraid for her, and she had even stayed at a family friend’s home for a night.
The child had refused their sexual advances, and how dare she! "That little bitch knew what she was doing as she wiggled her cute little ass past the drooling men with cocks for brains" "W W What! she dosen't want us! well we're gonna have her, because we're men and we CAN"
(Words mine)
So to cut a long and horrific story short, they gang raped and murdered her. Not content with the dehumanizing and torturing of a child, they set fire to her body and murdered the rest of her family.

A neighbour of the Hanza family states:
"I knew she had been raped since she had been turned on her face and the lower
part of her body was raised while her hands and feet had been tied"

*Remember, these are soldiers, the supposed keepers of integrity and courage, defenders of our rights and values*

Secondly Heart covers a story, of how she has come across information and photos about, what looks to be of U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi women. These found their way to a porn site named Iraqabaes, where they were described as genuine photos of women being raped. The Porn site has since been taken down. Pro war web sites have clamed that the photos are staged because they appear on a porn site!

*Remember these are soldiers, the supposed keepers of integrity and courage, defenders of our rights and values*

Heart sums up Porn=not real
This is one of the many horrors of our porn culture: all that has to be done in
order to make a rape not "real" not "actual" is to turn it into porn. If it is
pornography, then it must be harmless "fantasy"

Once again i've come to the conclusion that men hate us, they look at us and see *SEX* not human beings, with even so much as a heart beat. How can people not see this war on women? I’m a firm believer in ‘what goes around, comes around,’ and the perpetrators and supporters of this derranged misogyny are buiding up one hell of a Karmic debt.

(edit) I have found out today that Abir Hamzah was born August 19, 1991, meaning she had not yet turned 15. The object of the U.S soldier's sexual depravity was 14 years old.

See side bar for updates of this story


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