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Mi.sog.y.ny And Religion, Some Origins~Part I

mi·sog·y·ny (mi-soj'ə-nē) n.
Hatred of women: “Every organized patriarchal religion works overtime to contribute its own brand of misogyny” (Robin Morgan).
I have noticed lately that while feminists are frequently hurled the imaginary insult of ‘man hater’ the polarity of ‘woman hater’ seems somehow to loose its power. A lot of women find the idea of being called a ’man hater’ something to be avoided at all costs, while women hatred remains unchecked, and is actively encouraged to flourish.
The subject of misogyny and the analysis of the reasons for the widespread and nurtured/encouraged woman hatred that infects this lonely planet is a huge and complex subject. That’s why misogyny and the patriarchal religions seem a good place as any to start. The subject of misogyny and the Church is huge and I will not even attempt to scratch the surface, merely give some insights of some origins.

Addiction Words

The words Spirit, soul, heaven, sin, god, eternal life, baptism, sacred, and so the list goes on is all a bit like the ubiquitous "Coca Cola" (or "Coke") .. Trademarked by "Vaticorp"…How many times do you buy a bottle of "Cola"… and, no matter what the brand, you call it "Coke" ...The Marketing departing department did a good job of selling the sizzle through appealing to all of the senses.No matter what roots of the Spiritual English Words that you use lie deeper than the Catholic definition, the "sizzle" of Rome's marketing department obscures them."Coca Cola" got its name because it was originally formulated from extracts of the Cola Nut and Cocaine. But, over the years, we have forgotten about the Cocaine and Amatil have taken it out of their drink. Yet, we all know the nature of addictive memory.
Consumer Mind Control and Hard Sell
So it was with the Canon of the Roman Catholic Church, Is it any wonder with the corrupted translation of the Bible, mostly by celibate women hating priests, time and time again down through history, that we have been left with a ‘manual’ of pure unadulterated misogynous shit. Which unfortunately governs the life of the vast majority of the spiritual teachings of the planet? Don’t forget I’m talking ALL the patriarchal religions here

Born Of Original Sin

Many of us were baptised because we are taught that children are born of Original Sin.But - what if this is merely a Dogma of Manipulation and Control based on mistranslation of Assyrian practice of 2500 years BCE - where "sin" was merely the word of the time which translates now into the English words "female or feminine".Of course you would be born of sin. There aren't too many alive now who were not born of female. This is the Original Birth of the Physical Body.And what happens immediately after birth is that all of the "stains" the coatings and the other original birth products from the female which come out on the body of the new born are washed away.But, no. This wasn't mystical enough - and couldn't be used for power, control and manipulation. The Infant had to be Baptised by a Priest (instead of washed by a midwife) to erase Original Sin from which it was born when it separated from its mother who was made to feel evil because she bore a "child from hell".

Dead Heroines

Transcendence and the transpersonal goes against any Patriarchal religious memories that may be in the body and the implications of heresy and blasphemy can lead to psychosis when confronted ...
This will bring up "Unholy" memories especially if they involve the female body because Christianity is a Patriarchal religion whose origins strip the female of any integrity (at least until after a life of martyrdom ending in death)

Keeping female legs together

How does a Female get to be a Saint .. VaticorpI read the stories of the Female Saints and yes, it is a Holy Estate, achieved after a lifetime of martyrdom, celibacy and servitude to "The Father".What sort of life is it for a female to live .. in servitude to a father who may or may not recognise them after they are dead ....What role model does that portray for a female child who has a difficult relationship with her biological father or men in general.for the human body only recognises and reacts to the "key word" father ... and doesn't differentiate rank or station ...This is the Catholic Female Peer Role Model ..
If you get to become a nun ...and if you don't, you have to keep your legs together until you marry and then have as many children as possible


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