Saturday, July 01, 2006

More On Barely Bipedal ~This Picture Of A Lad's Mags Reader Is Protected By the 1st Sparkle*mendment~

Alok Jna says "Sex" sells because it's "what men want". Women dress in short skirts because it's "what men want". Women go to lap-dancing clubs because "it is a place men like to go". In raunch culture, liberation and empowerment for women involves "behaving like a man".
But who decided that these are the only types of sexuality that men are interested in? Who decided that behaving like a man involves going to lap-dancing clubs or salivating over porn stars? Who decided that men are all beholden to the fantasy world of boobs and beer with an unstoppable desire for sexual prowess?
The current sexual climate caricatures men's sexuality and damages men. The blame for this lies in many places but nowhere is the roots of this problem clearer than in the pernicious world of lad culture."

I would also go on to say Alok; that it damages women in such a way, that they often loose sight of that vital essence...their sense of self.

And before anyone starts jumping up and down, attacking the way i have pictoraly portrayed lad's mags readers in these posts. This also happens to be the way i feel, everytime i have to walk past a lad's mags stand.

Remember lads...
'it's just a bit of fun''
"its empowering"
"lighten up!"

Please respect the 1st Sparkle*mendment.


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