Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mi.sog.y.ny, Religion And The Witch Hunts~Part IV

Saints, Virgins Or Whores

In 1485, according to Krämer and Sprenger, the Inquisition of Como burnt 41 witches for intercourse with *incubi. They had had a wet dream and were incinerated for it! Evidently an exception was the Catholic St Theresa whose nocturnal visitor was a golden angel with a great golden spear which penetrated her entrails and “with a piercing sweetness” “caused her to utter several moans”. For this she was canonized. Poor witches dreamt of the Devil and were burnt at the stake. Even if they had really dreamt of **Christ, they would have had to confess that it was the Devil if they wanted their torturers to cease. Today the incubus is not called the Devil but an alien.

* Male aspect of the "Devil*
** Bloke on the cross.


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