Friday, June 30, 2006

Are Men Who Read Lad's Mags Barely Bipedal? Shock Report!!

This picture was sent in by Dave from Newcastle, he spyed it lurking around a lad's mag stand in a local newsagents. Could this be one of the first offical sightings? Remember folks you saw it first at Sparkle*Matrix.

Tom Leonard, Telegraph Media Editor says..

"The top shelf is too good for 'em. Seriously. Lads' mags are not as offensive and corrupting as conventional pornography magazines - they are worse.

'The wit of early lads' mags has been replaced by shock value'
Unremittingly moronic, by presuming that young men are barely bipedal let alone bilingual, they manage - and this is quite a feat - to degrade their readers almost as much as the women strutting their stuff on the pages."

Secondly we have comment made by the Times newspaper regarding the Sun

The Sun, which is owned by News Corporation, parent company of The Sunday Times, responded with an editorial which stated: “Our campaign against anti-page three Nazi Clare Short MP continues: we’re going to take her all the way to the European Court of Human Rights! The Sun’s European legal expert, Helga, 22, from Hartlepool, says: ‘Clare Short’s nasty comments about page three girls are totally discriminatory as well as in clear breach of article 10 of the European convention on human doo-dah or whatever’

Errrr "breach of article 10 of the European convention on human doo-dah or whatever" said by the Sun's European legal expert , Helga, 22 from Hartlepool.
Surprised they didn't say "Hot 'nd Horny Helga 22 from Harlepool" and then go on to tell us about her 36 double DDers and how she really, really wants a 3som with her boyfriend, coz she likes the girleys as much as the boys. PHWORRRR

On much more of a damming and sinister note M.P. Claire Curtis-Thomas states.

"Zoo's Dictionary of Sex goes beyond anything we consider normal. You wouldn't think of defecating on a human being. Yet this is the type of 'education' made available in this literature.
Recently the Sport produced an article about a girl murdered by a necrophiliac. It wasn't put there with a view to getting people to feel deeply concerned that somebody's life ended tragically. It was about sexual titillation, surrounded by adverts for hardcore porn.
Even an appalling tragedy like that which has sexual overtones is used to encourage depraved acts."

Harmless fun anyone?


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