Friday, June 30, 2006

Lad's Mags A Bad Influence On Chirdren And teenagers? Question Been Posed In The Media

Actually, i don't think the're just a bad "influence" on children and teenagers. I also firmly BELIEVE that they have a negative and bad "influence" on adult men and women. What fucking purpose do they serve? except to give another platform in which to grind the female into a patriarchal beefburger.

If your circularity system can handle a sudden bout of hypertension, it might be worth keeping tabs.

I will update this as i find the "best" comments within the media.

(Edit) Changed my mind, because... i can! I have decided not to include ANY pro lad's mags comments, as i feel i've already given enough blog space to the pornographers. (1st Sparkle*mendment)


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