Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Daily Squirt™ "Newspaper"

I have recently been directed to a Yahoo group for readers of the Daily Squirt™ "Newspaper" The welcoming picture to the site, says it all.
*Daily Squirt™ readers have serious psychological problems*
This first picture thing of a woman, is designed, just to show their psychopathic hatred of women. No face showing of course, just the unimaginative big plastic tits and crotch shot, but it is done in a way that is very creepy, even the obligatory white panties ~whisper~ paedophile~ in an icky - breathy-sort of way.

Example of one of their jokes:
Q. What did one tampon say to the other?
A. Nothing. They were both stuck up bitches!

Example of my joke:
Q. What did the tampon say to the vagina?
A. Bet this beats a sweaty little cock any day!

These guys have some heavy duty, serious issues with mummy (this includes issues with anything representing the female) dearest, and yes i am a qualified therapist.

Want to have a look?

*Warning triggering content* http://groups.*****.com/adultconf?dest=%2Fgroup%2Fdaily_sport%2F
*Note--Subsitute ***** for yahoo*

(The title "Daily Squirt" and the work, jerk, squirt, fuck, lurk, idea came from Mary K, a friend of mine who passed on the link for the *newspaper* Cheers Hin x)


Blogger spotted elephant said...

The link didn't work for me. But that's probably just as well-not sure I'm up for that right this minute.

Sorry to be off-topic, but you're a radical feminist, an atheist, have a background in psychology, and one of your favorite books is Life and Death?! We may have been separated at birth. ;)

5:21 am  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Nice to meet you. I'm not sure if you noticed I subsituted **** for yahoo? I didn't want to link from this lap-top, when i wrote the post. Mmmm yes judging by our interests, separation at birth does look like an option :-}
Greeting spotted sister.

9:15 am  
Blogger Sarah Louise Parry said...

I cannot believe that trash like this exists! I know, I know call me naive about the dark corners of the web and all that, but what is going through these people's heads?

Let's be honest here: period-related jokes are never funny are they?

9:48 am  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

But sadly these men are not 'funny' either grrr

10:49 am  

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