Thursday, July 13, 2006

Up-Date ~Girrlz~Sexxxy Sid's New 36DD's!!

Howz about this girrlz! Sexxxy Sid's got 'em out for the wimmin, in this sexxxy new number, designed by our very own Phemi.
"Forget those orange peel thingies, now i feel like a reaal man" He squeaked excitedly for Nuts Magazine for squirrels.

*And we just love 'em too, don't we girrlz "Wink"*


Anonymous Jay said...

That pic is disturbingly funny

3:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has that weasly look like Nuts readers have - you know, also, that sac looks a little small and saggy - I think he would have much more self-esteem if he had them cut open,lifted, and stuffed with silicone to keep the other lady squirrls happery - I'm sure he really validates himself thru what ladysquirrels think of his lack of perfection in the sac dept. (Lack of skill in the sack too.) heheh

12:22 pm  

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