Monday, July 17, 2006

Through The Eyes Of An Abuser

I make no apologies for the title, for that is what I see, when I read stories of men, up in arms, dedicating web-sites to their indignation of having their images of rape, necrophilia, bestiality and violence against women and children been challenged... Organised Abuse.

Abusers frequently see no harm in what they do because they are devoid of humanity, of empathy.

Part of some abusers thrill is knowing that they are damaging and inflicting unimaginable pain on their victims. This is often extended, to the victims loved ones, a particularly common event in paedophilia.

Abusers exploit, lie, insult, demean, ignore, manipulate, and control

Abusers abuse by dehumanization and objectification:

People have a need to believe in the empathic skills and basic good-heartedness of others. By dehumanizing and objectifying people - the abuser attacks the very foundations of human interaction. This is an aspect of abusers - they may be excellent imitations of fully formed adults but they are emotionally absent and immature.

Melon Farmers
This is a UK based pro-pornography/lad’s mags site expending a whole lot of energy in protecting their wank material. Not content with this, they are also attempting to push to pornifcate as yet unpornified cultures such as Malaysia and India.
Below is a quote referring to the recent legislation in Britain making it illegal to possess pornographic images of rape and necrophilia.

"As the Government are intending to criminalize people for possessing these
unproven `dangerous pictures`, I wonder upon what grounds they feel the need
go quite this far? Such law would necessarily fall foul of even the most
respect for human rights, and one feels that anyone convicted of
`dangerous pictures` would appeal to the ECHR and have their
conviction quashed
and this law nullified by far more reasoning minds than
appear to be running the
UK at present."

They give advice on encryption to make it safer to view porn that is illegal,
via directing viewers to “Heatseek” as below:

“Browsing for adult content just got easier thanks to the launch of Heatseek”
which is a web browser that claims to make searching for and viewing adult
content more efficient.
“Maybe a good idea to start using protection such as
this. No doubt, the encryption is useless to defend your extreme pictures from
the police, but it may keep the PC World repair snitches at bay
“While Heatseek’s stated mission is to “give consumers the ultimate software for security”
They refer to a case where a Man (Paedophile) had thousands of images depicting child pornography his computer, which had been deleted, but still remained on the hard drive. The man (Paedophile) was prosecuted because the jury acknowledged that even though the images had been deleted, he had been, at some point in possession of them. Melon Farmers think this is a gross miscarriage of judgement and he should not have been prosecuted.

This is a website dedicated to fighting legislation against violent porn as they see it as a contravention of their Human Rights. Their home page states:
“See no evil. The government doesn't want you to view certain images. And will
send you to prison if you possess them. Even in the privacy of your own home”
It shows an image of a blindfolded woman with chains on her face.
Backlash quotes:

“... the Home Office is consulting now on proposals to criminalise the
possession of abhorrent material involving the abuse of humans, which it has
been illegal to distribute for many years. The wide range of responses that it
has received indicates that there will be huge difficulties in criminalising the
possession of such images. Quite a number of respondees considered the proposals
to be a major increase in powers and unnecessary when such imagery is legal in
many other parts of the world”

These sites are basically for abusers or wanna be abusers using their right of “free speech” to tell us exactly what they think is their right. Wank Bank material at any cost, cuz me and my cock rule the world baby.

Maybe we need to listen to Gandhi...
First they ignore you
then they ridicule you
then they fight you
then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi

* I have had a comment regarding my use of a suspect copyright image, therefore i have decided to say it myself, with the aid of Limbo the Giraffe*


Blogger asdgasdfaserwe said...

Both groups claim they are seeking to uphold human rights: their own perceived right to derive pleasure from the torture and murder of women and children.

10:07 pm  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Yes Pippi, they are called Abusers. Not a nice reflection to see in the mirror.

12:00 am  
Anonymous Pony said...

How chilling that for them there is no ethical or moral principal; there is only whether or not there is a law against them exercising their democratic freedoms. Most of them call themselves Libertarians and vigorously lobby lowered ages of consent for sex. 14, even 12, is too old, apparently.

I recently read a New Yorker (I think) story about men traveling to Russia shopping for sex tourism, or brides to bring home. While there, as if that wasn't scuzzy enough, they were treated to sex shows by the tour operator. The writer quoted one man who raptured on about donkey sex. He hadn't known a woman could "take a donkey" was his only comment.

I wonder if she is alive. She was his entertainment. What's it called in the tourism business? "Value added".

3:36 am  
Anonymous CoolAunt said...

Hi SparkleMatrix. I found your site a couple of days ago via a link from BB's site. I've enjoyed reading your posts.

I'm in the US, where pornsturbators cry "Freedom of Speech!" and "The Constitution!" every time it's even suggested that there be limits placed on porn. I'm sick of the misuse of free speech rights.

Another one is the slippery slope. "If violent porn is outlawed, then what's next? The nude Adam on the Sistene Chapel ceiling?" For crying out loud! We all know porn from art and if we're ever in doubt, we could ask a porn shop owner because they sure as hell know what sells in their shops, and it isn't art.

No, the slippery slope seems to be sliding in the other direction, with porn becoming more violent and victimizing more and more children and women every day.


4:20 am  
Blogger sparkleMatrix said...

Hi everyone, as you've probably noticed, i'm new to blogging, and it's nice to meet like minded people :-)

6:23 pm  

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