Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mi.sog.y.ny, Religion And The Witch Hunts~Part VI

Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Woman to Live:The Reasons Behind the Hiding of Women's Sexuality.

The only way women could combat their evil sexuality was through virginity or abstinence. Virginity became the ideal, and the only way a woman could free herself from sexual temptation and evil was by renouncing her sexuality.
This new development was a means through which men exerted control over female behaviour and in the process played down their own sense of sexual inferiority. They failed to satisfy the carnal woman. The virgin saved them from this humiliation. All good women must emulate the virgin as far as their circumstances permitted. Even married women should avoid sex except for procreation. Women who did not conform exhibited their sensuality, their devotion to evil .
Because of dual beliefs of women as whores/virgins, sexual impropriety was one of the most serious accusations that could be made against a woman in a court of law.


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