Sunday, June 11, 2006

Feminism in disharmony

I don’t claim to be, educated, well-spoken or well-versed in feminist theory. I do, however, claim to be a woman, and a wise woman at that; who has a right to an opinion. Lately I have been somewhat discouraged by the division that is evident in so many of the feminist circles. We waste so much energy discussing, and quite frankly "who is the most academic". Personally, I am sick of discussing and academia has it's place. And, I am also pretty sick of pretentiousness and division. I wish we would stop fighting among ourselves. Men love a "Cat fight"...lets stop fighting petty battles and concentrate our energies in where they really belong. FIGHTING THE PATRIACHY

*Edit: Unsure whether to use this picture, due to the possibility that my motives may be misunderstood. Lets be very clear here...i decided to keep this picture up as it highlights just- oh- so -clearly how women DON'T have a voice. Courtesy of Pornography of course.


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