Sunday, June 11, 2006

Job finding

Mmmm I've been offered a job to start in roughly September of this year. It's to work at a complementary de-tox clinic offering Colonic Hydrotherapy. At first, i had a lot of energy for this work, and thought i would be learning a skill to complement my Nursing experience. In fact i may be able to strike forth! and do it on a free lance basis. Well you may add, you don't sound all that sure to me Sparkle*

The woman who would be employing me, her name is Sara, is getting on my nerves...basically! She's been rather rude in her manner with me and it's pissing me off! I don't need to go into specific details how exactly, because that's my subjective experience.
I know i'm a tad "sensitive" at times but wtf! She has what i would describe as poor [shite] interpersonal skills and it's annoying me. I don't think it would work, me working for her [for her... been the operative words here] I've noticed that i'm giving her far too much of my energy for christ's sake...stop it!!
I'm going to go down on wednesday and if it dosen't *feel* right then that's it, simple in a nut shell. If she is cheeky again i am going to tell her. FUCK OFF

Think about it "something" is not right here, think....i'm dreading going to see her and i don't even WORK for her. Mmmm i think that is saying you?


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